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    I used lemon oil on certain furniture and around the curtains and it kept the cats off until they got out of the habit of "marking" them. And here's a list I came across on the net:
    * amonia soaked (corncobs, etc)
    * aluminum foil
    * bamboo skewers
    * black pepper
    * blood meal fertilizer
    * bramble cuttings
    * Carefresh - "recycled" wood pulp
    * catnip - donated into your neighbor's yards (so they'll stay in their own yards)
    * cedar compost
    * chicken wire (metal or plastic)
    * cinnamon
    * citrus peels
    * citrus spray
    * cocoa bean shells
    * coffee grounds -fresh & unbrewed, not just a light sprinkling (highly recommended by MANY Gardenwebbers!)
    * dogs
    * electric fence for animals
    * essence of orange. essence of lemon, lime (citrus essential oils)
    * fresh manure(ditto)
    * garlic cloves
    * gumballs from the Sweet Gum Tree
    * gutter covers
    * hardware cloth
    * heavy bark mulch
    * holly leaves
    * keep the area damp, they like dry soil
    * lavender
    * liquid manure (good for your garden too)
    * motion sensor sprinkler
    * pennyroyal
    * pinecones
    * pipe tobacco
    * plastic forks
    * predator urine
    * red wine vinegar
    * river rocks over the exposed soil
    * rocks, crushed
    * rose bush clippings
    * rue, an herb (Ruta graveolens) (highly recommended in plant form only)
    * short twigs throughout the planted area about 6" apart
    * six-inch bamboo skewers (pointy side up)
    * Spray on your leaves (not the cat): fill a spray bottle with 1/2 t chili powder, 1/2 t cayenne pepper, 1 t dish soap and water
    * squirt gun with water
    * talk to your neighbors
    * tansy
    * thorny berry, lilac, hawthorn, rose clippings
    * toothpicks
    * upside down vinyl carpet
    * vinegar sprayed on areas where they roam
    * water bottle on "stream"

    *** chili powder, red crushed pepper, cayenne pepper (NOT recommended), it gets on the cat's paws then they wash themselves and they get it in their eyes, beware cats have literally scratched their eyes out because of this. Even if it's one cat out of 500 infected in this way, that's one too many for me.
    *** Don't ever use mothballs or flakes. Those little toxic waste pellets destroy cats' kidney function, could seriously harm people who handle them, and yes, contaminate your own garden soil. Their packaging even warns against using them this way.

    best wishes!

  2. Rosiebud

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    get your kitten some good scratching posts and show her how to use them.....when she scratches the furniture take her to the post and scratch it to show her. Good luck

    love Rosie
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    Yeah, and maybe put some catnip with the post to make it more appealing.

    I can't keep my cats from scratching the reclining chairs in the living room, but since they're so ugly, I couldn't care less!! So I haven't exactly racked my brain over it; I just wanted them off the curtains because THEY aren't ugly!

    don't you just luv kitties?

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    Since it's illegal in Germany to have a cat declawed, I've had to be a bit creative to keep my cat from scratching my good stuff.

    I've bought many cat scratching posts....I have 3 just in the dining/living room area alone and many more throughout the house.

    Try keeping one near the food area, my cat always scratches right after she eats.

    I corrected her when she was a kitty from scratching my furniture and sprayed the cat nip stuff on all the scratching posts when they were new.

    I have a multi purpose fly swatter stuffed in the cushion of my recliner and just the site of me grabbing it will send her running if she tries to do something that's not allowed.

    It's main purpose is a threat because I'm pretty slow getting out of my chair and it gives me extra reach although I can't remember ever 'using' it, the threat works fine for me, although I've been known to make a big noise with it on the floor.


    Nancy B