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    this thread is for the mentally insane people who own and love cats. if that's not you, you better leave because the following will seem...nutz.

    was doing a facebook search and the sidebar had an advert with cat strollers. I bumped into an older woman pushing a stroller and mind brain was spinnning what the hell this bent over lady was doing with an infant until she got close enough and i see she has a huge fluffy double-wide cat relaxing inside with a mesh cover so that cat could see out and get fresh air.
    I stopped to talk to her and she was delighted to talk and show off her fluffly old girl.

    NOw i know Mr.B who runs for cover when the doorbell rings could not tolerate something like this, but his short friend who is always ready to entertain guests, dustballs, squirrels or passing birds would LOOOOVE to have the chance to be out and about. He would have to wear a harness for his own protection and the harness is hooked into the stroller so he can move, but if the cover is partially open and his head is out, he cant jump at pidgeons.
    and the most of all, it would give me an excuse to be outside and walking.

    has anyone used these pet strollers?
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    I haven't used a stroller, but my cats take turns riding in my electric scooter basket. Sometimes having that company for me can feel good just to go out and ride around. When the weather is cold, my indoor cats have heavier coats from Walmart they put on, and I put some blankets and a pillow in the basket and they stay warm enough (they shiver if they aren't warm enough) and they actually seem to enjoy it. It's new territory and cats are nosey, so they are interested. EXCEPT that mine being inside cats, for my cats the bright sun out here bothers their eyes (they say NO to doggy sunglasses). They prefer to ride under trees that have some shade and such.

    I find it provides some company for me and actually gets me out at times when I would not go out. After the other year of having several times people trying to rob me in parking lots unsuccessfully, I sometimes get a fear of going out. And I don't want a human to lean on, and that's when a cat in the scooter basket really helps me get out and work out that fear.

    By the way, I have seen the stroller you saw advertised for dogs too, and some have pets that can't walk far with some arthritis or medical problem (and making a comfortable bed in the stroller) and they would probably love riding in the stroller for a nice walk and would probably make their day to get outside in the air (almost like a ride in a slow car).

    P.S. If you are going walking, carry something as a protectant in case a loose dog decides to attack your cat. Check an animal store, because in parks and such usually some jerk lets their untrained dog loose--they do it in the vet's office. With my cat Cesar, he doesn't see himself as a cat so he doesn't run, hiss, bat or act like a cat. So he sits over all the way over at the one side on the floor wearing his vest and leash in the vet's office and sometimes a dog owner will pass by and their dog will slurp Cesar right up his face--and they say "oh I'm so sorry, Killer usually hates cats so I don't know why he did that." The vet said it is because Cesar doesn't act like a cat or like prey and that cats mostly act like prey for dogs. But I did tell Killer's owner that Killer shouldn't be permitted to be near cats since she knows he hates them." So I try to keep Cesar in the scooter basket until we are in the examination room and they leave the room open and Cesar likes to sit in the door entrance.

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    I saw one at the airport in Atlanta a few years ago...a little doggy in a stroller and I actually stopped and asked if she minded if I took some photos. She didn't mind at all...and I thought he looked too adorable. It helped her in her travels, and she didn't mind the attention it drew...if I had a dog or a cat, I'm sure I'd want one!!!

    I envy all with pets, I tell you! I will be rescuing a bunny soon, though!

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    They do make those pet strollers to accommodate two pets, so check that out too.