Cataracts any one?

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    I really need to have the cataract surgery done. I have no insurance at at all and the billing office at the eye dr place says she can only give me an appx cost because they call in people to do the the ekg machine and something else==I don;t remember what its called. So, right now I have an appx cost of $5,000--part of the bill they can take off 25%but that is still a huge amount of money and I don't have any rich relatives either. anyone have any ideas??

    I also have glaucoma in my right eye and I get migraines on my right side too--all of this including the cataract on the same eye. Bright lights are very hard me, I always wear my sunglasses driving and I frequently wear them inside the house too--watching tv wear everything has some kind of flazzy commericial. sometimes being on the computer is too bright so I wear sunglasses there too.

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    Hi Beadlady,sorry you are having a rough time with your eyes.

    Can you get a 2nd opioion? Perhaps theres a college where you live?
    maybe call around for quotes.

    My mom has these issuses and uses drops for her eyes. She had cataract surgery and I dont remember her saying anything about an ekg being done.

    Have you tried contacting medicaid for help? try the 211 number if its in your area and maybe they can help.
  3. TigerLilea

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    Why would there be a need for an EKG machine for cataract surgery?

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