Cataracts/Natural Cure???

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    I found this Coconut Water Cures Cataracts.

    One article went on to say, a traditional method of treating cataracts involves the use of coconut water. Several drops of Coconut water are put into the eyes, a hot damp washcloth is placed over the eyes, the patient lies down with the washcloth in place for about 10 minutes.

    Perhaps part of the reason it may work is due to the antioxidant effect of coconut water. Cataracts are caused by oxidation so the antioxidant effect of the water may be of some help.

    I have pretty good health eye and contribute my good eye health to using grape seed extract (antioxidant) for many years....many of the people in my life have had cataract surgery and NONE were taking grape seed ex as I have been...

    I think I saw a book called Coconut Cures....
    My good friend who has been on grape seed ex 1 month longer than me has no cataract issues either, she's 67, I'm 74...

    So do your own research but I thought this to be interesting the antioxidant effect on the oxidation issues that cause cataracts....

    This type of surgery is HUGE business and to do one's own healing would be a HUGE savings for eyes....
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    ((Just felt the need to tell of my experience with cataracts (prednisone and cortisone injection related). Five years ago, I was told I needed cataract surgery on both eyes. I waited to schedule surgery while I researched my options. I found interesting information regarding **N-acetyl-carnosine eyedrops** being used successfully to get rid of cataracts. I ordered several bottles and started using the drops...2 drops in each affected eye twice a day.

    Nothing was mentioned about cataracts a year later in my routine eye exam. Recently, a neuro-opthamologist did a very thorough exam of my eyes. Again, nothing mentioned about the need for cataract surgery...only a very small cataract in one eye that was of no consequence. I feel it was due to my use of the N-acetyl-carnosine drops. I continue to use them just twice/week. ))

    I can't help but believe SO MANY could save themselves from these surgeries by doing their own curing of the cataracts......they are done so routinely and I believe thoughts on this more and more....

    BTW: This particular friend is from another health board I'm a member of....[This Message was Edited on 12/01/2012]
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    great information, I'd never heard any of this -

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    out my computers....and kept getting newer ones, etc...

    I learn so much from others on other health boards I'm on and find it absolutely maddening **what we don't know**....and how so many blindly listen to conventional medicine....

    I know that grape seed extract is a wonderful powerful antioxidant and is indicated for all eye I'm up on that one and share it with others too.....

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    use is a factor in cataracts forming....
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    and have been using it as an eye wash. very soothing. maybe it will help-

    on top of the cfids, i've been dx'd with glaucoma. really shocked me. the eye drops prescribed for me increase the bad cfids symptoms i have, which is hard to take. plus they bring their own side-effects- also hard to take.

    i couldn't tolerate 3 tries at eye drops. just had unbearable side-effects. felt like they took away any chance at quality of life.

    i'm now on 5th eye drops, which i told my eye doctor i want to take every other day. see if i can co-exist with them. oh lordy what a trial adding this to cfids.

    i'm wondering about alternative treatments. the N-acetyl-carnosine might be worth a try on my days off from regular eye-drops. and yes, keep the coconut water eye washes going. they help. Salome
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    for years for her glaucoma and had to stop due to $$ but it's saved her and she plans to go to my rheumy for more acupuncture after her foot surgery heals....

    Grape Seed Ex is indicated for eye health, I forget if you take it.....

    My eyes have kept good for 74 and I blame it on grape seed ex.....
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    Thanks for all the info. Gaucoma runs heavily in my family. My dad had it forever it seems, and now 4 out of my 9 siblings have it! I was tested recently and all is good so far. I was never nervous before about it, but now am. And I did read about potential side effects from the drops - something I don't want to ever have to deal with.

    So am going to read more about the carnosine and coconut water - (and I am faithfully taking grape seed extract now, thanks to your constant preaching!)

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    religion preachers and then there are grape seed extract preachers....I found my place in the preaching glad you got back on grape seed and some time think about taking more each day too. I'm taking 200mg a few times a day usually.
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    but i'll up my dosage- good to hear how much you're taking, Jamin. salome
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    grape seed extract and glaucoma...I just did.... jam

    Mary, I still keep the 500mg Muscadine Grape Seed on hand and take it too....I combine my various grape seeds..... [This Message was Edited on 10/02/2012]
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    the cataract surgery.....

    Going back into my memory bank, an eye doc told me 10 yrs ago or so that a clouding was showing up but it's never gotten worse and I haven't even gone to an eye doc in over 5 yrs....

    Guess, I have a lot of faith in the grape seed ex for SO MUCH....hope it doesn't fail me....

    Back in Sept 1995, when I got on Pycnogenol and got the amazing results I did on the allergies/sinus issues, I started buying books on these antioxidants, Pyc and Grape Seed Ex...

    In 1996, I bought a book Grape Seed Extract by Dr. Clark Hansen and this little book has been a sacred bible...I've leant it out to many....

    I just got it out and read the little chapter on EYES, and Dr. Hansen says the sun's ultraviolet radiation can cause free radical damage to the lens and retina of the eye. He highly recommends grape seed ex as it's 20 times and 50 times more potent than Vit C, E.

    He does recommend C, E and Bilberry which I do take, but the grape seed I KNOW is saving me. [This Message was Edited on 10/13/2012]
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    and I do plan to buy the acetylcaronsine drops and see what effect they have on my eyes, getting older, everything drys out...
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    product for cataracts

    Similasan Cataract Care Eye Drops, .33 Ounce Bottle

    Just read a lot of reviews on it, and many are positive, a few not...then it seems it is hard to find. Evidently the company is reformulating it.

    I use Similasan for Dry Eyes and like it a lot.