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  1. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    I am disabled with CFS. Unable to work full-time. Work as a substitute teacher on days that I am up to it. I have heard that it is best not to be working when applying for disability. I have no health insurance. My significant other is very supportive, but we have huge money problems, and he puts up a wall when I try to talk about it. His income is not enought to support me while I don't work.

    To apply for disability, we need to be seeing our doctor often to support our claim, but with no insurance and huge credit card debt, it is hard to do.

    My mother, who was mentally ill before passing away last july, disinherited me and left house to brother. This relationship with him is very dysfunctional. He toys with me about sharing his half with me and then treats me like "!!!!". My father tells me that CFS is just my attitude, and that if I would make up my mind, I could work. He told me that "the government doesn't owe you anything".

    My sister toys with me as well, and has no patience for illness and can be aggressive.

    So there is nowhere that I can go to live without working while applying for disability. I need money to pay for seeing doctor to support my claim.


    A medicine that might help me,"midodrin, dropped their "patient assistance program", so standing only worsens my condition. This medication helps in treating neurally mediated hypotension. I use support hose, but improvement is minimal.

    I have sleep apnea, but when I use the bi-pap equipment, I get very sick. Doctor thinks I'm allergic to it. There is new equipment on the market, but I have no insurance.

    Who knows how much the above medication and equipment could help me.

    I could go on and on.

    What to do????? How do I get disability? WHERE DO I LIVE WHILE NOT WORKING? My significant other is working 2 jobs.

    Thanks for your suggestions and support.

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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just for a day or less and make those phone calls....

  3. deb06

    deb06 New Member

    That is one of the best, most informative posts for an incredibly tough situation, that I have ever read! Deb
  4. Pinkgirl

    Pinkgirl New Member

    I can't answer how to get disability... I've been fighting that for almost 4 years now, and I've come right out and told them I can live without the cash benefits, I'm just worried about being able to keep my medical assistance. When my husband had a job that did offer it the plan would be maxed out within a month of my dr's appts and meds...

    Have you applied through Social Services for medical assistance? Most states have different types now, one where there is no co-pay or monthly payments, another with small co-pays, and another that has both co-pays and monthly co-payments based on your income.

    Most people are eligable for one of these programs even if they aren't ellagible for any other gov't assistance. Telling them you are in the process of applying for disability helps too.

    Hope that helps and you find something soon, I will be thinking of you!
  5. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    But what a drag! There must be something!

    And shame on your cruel family members! Your health is not a joke!!

  6. meditationlotus

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    for such wonderful help and caring. I guess I DO need therapy, I'm just afraid that the stress from talking about all of this might make me worse. But will see if there are services around for free.

    The state of Indiana is very conservative, and the last time I checked their medicaid program was for indigent mothers and the disabled, and you had to prove you were disabled and be in the process of applying for disability, and even then it can be very hard to get. Someone posted here a while back that her disabled husband living in Indiana had tried to get medicaid and was turned down.

    The social services department told me that they didn't have any other insurance programs. My doctor is very good and limits his fees, but it is hard to pay when seeing him a lot.

    I want to do the disability process right, because we only have three chances to do it right.

    Has anyone here gotten disability working part-time while applying for benefits? Would like to know, it would be encouraging.

    I saw on the internet a booklet that could be downloaded for about $4.00 called "winning SSDI while working", but don't know if I can trust the website. I guess I'm a little paranoid these days.

    Thank you all.
  7. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    Yes, your post was so encouraging, and I can see that you have been through much of the same thing. Thanks for sharing so much.

    I think that in addition to CFS, I have post-traumatic stress disorder, and having a therapist document it would probably help my case.

    I appreciate all you have been through in your determination to get help. It is an inspiration to me.

    I need to believe that there are people who can help me, and that I do deserve help. My, what a dysfunctional family can do to a person. And I'm 52, and just now really ackowledging how bad it has been.

    Were you working part-time while applying for disability?

  8. bossco

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    Do you thru your teaching have your retirement thru your State Teachers Retirement System? I applied for disability thru my system, for cfs, and was granted it within 6 months. It works nothing like social security system. I'm sorry for your challenges you are faced with, do make calls like the one post said. Be proactive, and don't give up.
  9. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    I was never a full-time teacher. Not certified to be a teacher. Only certified to substitute teach and only teach two or three days a week at most. Some weeks, not at all.

    I have about $400 in state teacher's retirement fund, since haven't substitute taught very much.

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