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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by windblade, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    Thank you so much for your kind words at the end of the Mother Theresa thread. They were truly healing words to me, and were sorely needed! It took me a while to recuperate, but your words were the start of that healing. Thank you for your graciousness and compassion!

    Wow, it's so exciting coming back here after a day away. It's like a whole new town has sprung up, with so many fascinating places to explore. And wonderful people. Astonishing.

    I'm so glad that you came here, and stuck out such a horrible beginning. This has been my dream since this board started.

    If you feel discouraged at times, please just push the 'ignore this post' button.

    Having grown up in an abusive home, I recognize the signs. And know that some people will be toxic, until they heal themselves first.

    But there is so much beautiful interaction here!!! Let's enjoy it, and each other.

    I'm still pondering your illness and spirituality post, Rafiki.

    And your wonderful post on Native Americans, Rainbow. And Rainbow, thanks for sharing your thoughts on memories. I so agree with you, and love remembering laughter with friends, my Grandmother's tenderness, and moments of beauty and delight in my life. They sustain me.

    I'm so glad to know you, and have the opportunity to grow in friendship!
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    I must say there were a couple of times when I thought of throwing in the towel and probably would have done so if not for the fact that I felt I would have been leaving others in the lurch, so to speak

    I think we should all just sing Simple Gift when we get really stressed. I find everything about that Hymn soothes, comforts and centres me. It's always good, for me, to be reminded that it is my ego that causes most of my problems. If I can get ME out of the way, everything is so much easier.

    Thank you for reminding me that it is possible to "ignore this post" and one does not have to go immediately to ignore this person!

    There is a concept in Buddhism: the middle way. One is advised against going to extremes in anything and to seek balance. Thank you for taking the middle way and for bringing balance to this sometimes overwrought discussion.

    Peace to you,