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    I read your profile and seen that you were a phycotherapist, what is the difference in that and a phycologist? That is who I seen for my mental test. Boy I think I boo boo'd. He asked me what a typical day was for me and I thought he meant what I do each day. Not my pain. I guess I wasn't as with it as I thought. :(''tears.

    They really don't think about how you can be so out of it huh?

    Thanks again for the very kind words. It made my day. I have a good friend who is native american also. I have a question for you too. I hope this is not taboo on the site.

    I still have my dead brothers ashes here in my home and she tells me it can cause illness(as the native americans think. What is your prospective of this?

  2. silky17

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