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    Here are a few explaination's of the Catholic Church's stance on issues that have come up on this board. Firstly,ANNULEMENT: Contrary to Two Cat and Jamins' statements that all one has to do is "grease the palm"of the local parish priest in order to receive an annulement.Sorry, but this is a very arduous and long process,in fact the parish priest has nothing to do with it.In Church law three things must be present at the time of the marriage,in order to constitute the marriage as a true sacramental union. These three things are:capacity,consent and form. Capacity speaks to the ability of the parties to enter into the union IE:was there some mental or physical impairment?Consent refers to the parties agreeing to freely enter into the sacramental union of marries,ie:faithfulness,indissolubility,and openess to children. Form refers to following the procedural and liturgical norms for the sacrament.If any of these things is found to have been absent at the time the marriage took place it would be invalid,in the sacramental sense. An annulment does not mean that there was never a relationship-that would defy logic and fact-and certainly does not make children illegimate. It has no legal bearing in the civil arena.It must be understood that an annulment only concerns itself with the question of whether or not a sacramentel union really took place on the wedding day. If the finding is that it was a sacramental union,then an annulment cannot be granted. However,if there is sufficient evidence that a covental marriage never really exisited,then the parties are granted an annulment and they are free to marry again inthe Church. This is just a thumbnail sketch of a fairly complex procedure and requires an appreciation and understanding of what consitutes a sacramental marriage. ~~~taken from my study guide on Church Doctrine~~~ Now for my two cents worth,When my hubbie went through the initiation process of becoming a Catholic,there were a few people who were applying for annulments,some of which took more than two years to acquire. It goes to a special council,they research the circumstances,even interview the former spouse if available. It's not a given that everyone will receive an annulment. Case in point,Robert Kennedy Jr. wanted his marriage annuled several years ago so he would be free to remarry in the Church. It was determined that his marriage did not meet the criteria for an annulment. Even he with all of his money and influence (as Jamin would lead one to believe is all that's needed)wasn't able to accomplish an annulment. So there you have it.This got really lengthy,I'll address other issues later~~~Jeanne~~~
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    I in no way ever said that all one has to do is "grease the palm of the local parish priest." What I did say was that years ago in rural areas, not all churches were run according to doctrine. And that doesn't state "every church", it said some churches in rural areas.

    You can close your eyes to it, be in denial, and you can whip out any books you want to quote what SHOULD BE, but it still doesn't change that a few churches did not follow doctrine. Not every church of every faith follows as they should.

    I would have greater respect if you could acknowledge that your church and others did not always follow their doctrines. It was the reason I left some churches and is part of my beliefs as a Christian now.

    But to state I am saying what I didn't and to then bury your head in denial, then we can't discuss this to understand how it impacts others and make progress from there.
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    Again,It isn'tup to the individual parishes to decide or pick and choose which doctrin's to adhere to. I suggest that you go to a Catholic website to become more informed. I can't ,nor do I care to persuade you otherwise. I'm posting more for those who have expressed an interest or have questions about church doctrine. I don't have the energy to argue with you over what someone may or may not have told you re these issues.~~Jeanne~~
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    for stating the Church's views on annulements for those who are interested in being informed of the truth. There are those here who only want to stir the pot, and do not care to really know the truth, even though they continue to speak against the Lord.

    But then I guess if I didn't believe in Satan's power to work strongly to lure people away from God, it wouldn't be a big deal to me to refuse the knowledge being offered either.

    We can only hope that those who want to listen to their side will have the intelligence to check out the facts for accuracy. You're right, we are attacked daily with our disease of pain and fatigue and don't need to be spending energy worrying about someone who doesn't want to listen, attacks Catholics and all other Christians, and then blatantly deny it. They will be judged some day just as they judge others.

    Again, thank you for the effort for those who are genuinely interested. In Christ***Jole***
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    I just re read Two cat's post prominately featured at the top of the board"Everyone Should Be Welome". I especially liked the part about the rules of ProHealth apply to this board as well as the others.Two Cats,Jam,and those of you who feel it'so.k. to speak negatively might not hurt for you to re visit this post.~~~Jeanne~~~