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    Hi, it's me again. I started on the 50mg twice a day yesterday.
    I had about the same amount of nausea as when I started.

    This is just minor. It will come and go for a while( about an hour)
    and then stop.
    I have been taking 3 hydrocodone(750mg) daily and it just
    keeps the pain bearable.
    Well, today I only took two. YAY! for me. And have not had any other
    side affects.
    But... I don't get hungry. I can eat half a sandwich and feel full.
    I sure hope this side affect stays with me. LOL.
    I am going to call my rheumy thursday and tell him to go ahead and write a rx for Savella. I want to try it for at least another month
    and see what happens.
    He told me he could bump up the dosage if it helped me.
    I am sure it will do more once it gets in my system real good.
    I'll post again in a day or two to keep every one updated.

    Man, I hope this works. I have tried so many things through the
    years, only to get worse. I thought a few years ago that I couldn't
    get any worse, but I have.

    Take care, and have a blessed night.

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