Cats Claw.. A natural antibiotic used to treat Lyme...

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  1. Kimba4318

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    Has anyone heard of this? An acupuncturist said that lots of doctors are prescribing this for Lyme (as a natural antibiotic) and it is very effective.

    I searched a little and found this so far....

    Samento is a form of cat’s claw from the Peruvian jungle that is superior to typical forms. The beneficial effects of most cat’s claw preparations are blunted by the presence of TOA (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), which inhibit the real active agents, called POA (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids). The latter, more favorable compounds are known to modulate and up-regulate the immune system. Many commercially available cat’s claw preparations contain up to 80 percent TOA. As little as one percent TOA can reduce POA effectiveness up to 80 percent. In addition, the specific species of TOA-free cat’s claw contains considerable quantities of quinovic acid glycosides. These compounds are what the latest generation of quinolone antibiotics (such as Cipro) are based on. The natural compounds provide safe and significant direct antimicrobial effects on Lyme disease.

    Treatment with TOA-free cat’s claw isn’t an instant cure-all. It can take a long treatment process because of the variety of forms of Bb, the long length of time it can exist in the body in the CWD form, and because it can hide out inside cells. It is when they emerge that they are susceptible to white cell attack and elimination. The mature spirochete form is sensitive to attack by antibiotics or the immune system, as well as the improved cat’s claw. The organism can lie dormant for months or years after infection. In fact, a 1998 Swiss study showed that only 12.5 percent of Bb positive patients have symptoms. Conventional medicine has grown up thinking bacterial infections can be cured in 10-60 days. They believe that if antibiotics don’t cure you, what remains can’t be Lyme. That is wrong. This mistaken idea rests on the lack of knowledge about the characteristics of the cell wall deficient form of bacteria.

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    Before my diagnosis I took samento for 4 weeks for a bacterial lung infection. I herxed like crazy, so I do believe it works. It's something I may try again if my antibiotics stop working for my lyme. My doctor does proscribe samento, but likes to give the antibiotics a first try because they usually work best. When those fail, he tries the herbals including samento.
  3. bunnyfluff

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    That is what I am using. I love it, and feel better already! If you read about it, it really is the best treatment for Lyme, Abx make Lyme ball up and hide in your tissues, waiting for an opportunity to come back. It is true, Abx do not cure you. They usually will put it in remission, that's about it.

    I am seeing a holistic Dr/D.O. for Lyme, and she has gone to a lot of conferences about the treatment of it. She said you can use them in combination if someone is really sick, but Abx alone will not cure Lyme.

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