Cat's Claw?!?!?!?!?!?

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    I just recently read an incredible article on Lyme and FMS. It covered how mycoplasma infections have been treated in the past (and present); long-term, low-dose antibiotics....a treatment I have seriously considered, but am apprehensive because of my yeast over-growth..

    They recommended treating it with homeopathic Cat's Claw. People were getting well, without the negative side effects of antibiotics. They swear some of the sufferers noticed great relief in pain symptoms in only 7 days. However, it was something they had to take indefinately.

    Cat's Claw is incredibly inexpensive, an alternative to many of us who are having financial difficulty trying to find a 'cure'.

    Who has heard of it? Who has tried it? What kind of feedback have you heard?

    I raced to my mom's to share the article with her. I left it there. Now I can't remember 'where' the article came from.

    I'd love to hear your opinions.
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    I wish you could remember where you saw the article. I would want to talk with some of the people who are having success with it before I would try it, I think.

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    G'day folks,

    If you're considering Cat's Claw I'd put "Samento" in a search engine and read about it first.

    I recently stopped Samento after 4 continuous months, to test its efficacy by exclusion. So far it hasn't made any difference.
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    "What Makes Lyme Disease Tick and How Samento Eliminates It" by Morton Walker, DPM with Randall S. Walke

    Baseline, How much were you taking? Did you herx at all? Have you ever tested positive for mycoplasma infection. FINALLY....Someone who's taken it before! I'd love to hear more info.

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    G'day Darlene,

    I've been taking Nutrimedix Samento liquid for 4 months.

    I started at 3 drops morning and evening and increased to 5 after a week. My condition was cycling during this period so it would be difficult to relate a Herx directly to Samento, as I was trying other things as well.

    I do know that I have improved in the last 4 months, but was it the Samento? I have reduced the dose and will discontinue Samento altogether in a week to see what happens.

    I have not tested positive to Lyme or Mycoplasma, as the only definitive tests are said to be live blood analysis, and although it is available where I live in Sydney, Australia, it is not covered by my insurance and expensive, so I have been treating empirically.

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    Thank you for your quick reply and information. In your opinion, did you experience any problems with taking it? I am ready for the next phase of treatment, whatever it may be. I believe I'm willing to tackle mycoplasma infection (I've tested positive) and would like to try Cat's Claw. Do you know of any interactions or negative side-effects?

    Thanks again,

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    a naturopath and MD . He gave me a product from his ofc
    called cellular forte MAX, distributed by Phytopharmica .
    It is an immune booster & contains IP 6 & cat's claw.
    If you search google there is a lot of info on cats claw.

    another consideration is olive leaf , which is VERY (!)powerful . You can search info on google & probably here also . Dr Weil has written about olive leaf . It is also cheap. Olive leaf is also said to be beneficial for yeast
    overgrowth ( also oil of oregano) .

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    G'day Darlene,

    According to the information on Samento, it is supposed to be far more effective than Cat's Claw and is missing a chemical in Cat's Claw that inhibits its effectiveness. Just look up Samento rather than Cat's Claw in a search engine.

    I experienced no side effects, but then I did't with Doxy either, so maybe I'm not a "side effects" person.

    If I were you I'd give it a try starting with, say, 1 drop a day and see what happens.

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    Dear Ann,

    I have read much about olive leaf here in the past and had forgotten all about it until now. That sounds like one I will try. Is it effective for fighting mycos? I will search it on this site first, then maybe google.

    I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Weil. He's an incredibly intelligent but simple man. I love his simplicity. I am currently taking oregano for yeast (3 times a day as Rx by my doctor.)

    Thank you for your good info, once again. You are like a little sponge soaking up all that knowledge!


    I thought Samento WAS Cat's Claw. I guess I've got to do more homework. You are a lucky guy to not be a 'side-effect' kind of person.

    When I go to the healthfood store, I will ask for Samento specifically. One drop a day, I can do that. When herxing is done (if any at all), I will up it to 2, right? And go from there...

    I've been much stronger lately and am ready to kick it into a higher gear. I am ready for a shotgun approach. Samento and Olive Leaf are my next two strategies. Thanks to you both.