CATS, Hyperthyroidism epidemic relates to US??

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    OK I found some interesting articles tonight, but this is the last... I think.

    I thought you cat-lovers out there might like knowing this - and this could be affecting us too anyway. We knew that already tho, right? Multiple Chemical Sensitivity seems to be rampant in most all of the populations here!

    Cat diseases associated with PBDE chemicals in flame retardants
    By William Atkins
    Monday, 20 August 2007

    An increasing number of cats are being diagnosed with thyroid diseases, and it is possibly linked to chemicals in flame retardant products in the house. Could such chemicals harm humans?

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists have suggested that chemicals in flame retardant products, such as carpets, furniture, mattresses, electronics, fabrics, and other common household items, could be more dangerous than thought.

    The danger is thought to be related to cats that are increasingly being inflicted with various thyroid diseases. But, the danger could lie within humans, too.

    Within their report, the researchers state: “Our results support the hypothesis that cats are highly exposed to PBDEs; hence, pet cats may serve as sentinels to better assess human exposure and adverse health outcomes related to low-level but chronic PBDE exposure.”

    The EPA researchers, associated with the EPA’s National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory, University of Georgia, and Indiana University, state that their research does not prove the link between chemical in flame retardants and the higher incidences of cats with thyroid diseases.

    However, their research does indicate that some type of association may be present in cats with thyroid conditions and those who are also contaminated with polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

    Janice A. Dye, one of the EPA scientists with the study, along with her associates said that feline hyperthyroidism was a rare illness in cats before 1980. Also, the use of PBDEs increased dramatically since the 1980s. Now, in the mid-2007s, feline hyperthyroidism is one of the leading health problems in older cats.

    These two facts are not necessarily related. Additional research will be performed to verify or deny such an association.

    Twenty-three house cats were tested. PBDE concentrations were twenty to one-hundred times higher than the average concentration in people living in North America.

    The health risk from PBDEs has been noticed since 1998 when Swedish scientists found PentaBDE, a type of PBDE, within human breast milk. Since then, there is increasing scientific evidence that PBDEs cause toxicity in the liver, thyroid, and within the nervous system of humans and other animals.

    The EPA group’s article (“Elevated PBDE Levels in Pet Cats: Sentinels for Humans?”) was published in the Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Web issue of the journal Environmental Science and Technology. Besides Dye, the other collaborators in the study are Marta Venier, Lingyan Zhu, Cynthia R. Ward, Ronald A. Hites, and Linda S. Birnbaum.

    Industry representatives counter that it is only speculation to associate PBDEs with cat illnesses.

    However, small animals like cats are similar in size to small children. Both can become contaminated with PBDEs due to their close proximity to carpets (as they walk and crawl) and due to the large amounts of time they spend indoors (where PBDEs are concentrated the most).

    Studies are beginning to research the affects of PBDEs on human health. Some PBDEs have been banned, however, others continue to be used in household appliances and objects.

    In fact, according to Inside Bay Area (California) staff writer Douglas Fischer, the United States uses 1/2 of the world’s supply of PBDEs. Estimates are that U.S. citizens have 10 to 100 times higher concentrations of PBDEs in their blood over those people in Japan and European countries.


    Scary..... I keep remembering also that we now have well over 100 chemicals in us that humans in general did not have, only 100 + years ago. Endometriosis has been linked to dioxin, and of course PCBs with cancer, etc.... the list just keeps getting longer. It's very hard to be free of most of these it seems. No wonder so many immune systems are compromised.

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    with hyperthyroidism. She vomited constantly, was lethargic and weighed 9 lbs at age 14. She's only been on medication about one week. I read that article, or one just like it and it also said they put flame retardent in some moist cat food. Why would anyone put that in cat food?!? Baby clothes and as you've said, tons of other stuff is saturated in chemicals. Do they really think we're stupid enough to believe that these chemicals can cause illness and death to animals, but it perfectly Ok for humans? I don't understand the logic behind any of this and it infurates me! How can we get things to change before we kill or mutate ourselves?

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    Where is the Department of Homeland Security when they are truly needed. Still searching purses for box cutters I suppose.

    I wonder if someday we will find that we've all been poisoned, like those guys in the "You have 24hrs to live"
    movies, and only have a year to live.

    Gee, Victoria, you just made my day!:) Another poison to add to my list.

    Darn EPA, always causing trouble for citizens and private industry.

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    Homeland Security and EPA may as well as be one and the same, they don't seem to do much... wish Ralph Nader could somehow get more attention these days, or someone younger with integrity could come along....

    Happy to help you have a good day anyday madscientist/mrbill... uh, you're not blue like on SNL are you?

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    I don't understand phrase "blue like on Saturday Night live".
    I do like SNL and Mad TV.
    Victoria, you've made my day several times with your humor and jokes. Your Mr Bill
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    don't know how old you are madscientist? ... must be a bit, uhhhh, younger than me!

    LOL - Anyway if you get a chance to watch the first few seasons of SNL, 'Mr Bill' was a Gumby like character made out of clay, I always thought he was blue altho I only had a b&w TV then-

    so, I just looked him up, actually he was flesh-colored - so much for MY memory, maybe I had a good imagination ... so forget about the 'are you blue' question! (Just stay away from anyone named Mr. Hand or Sluggo...)

    Anyway, the short animations were all in good fun... sort of...

    Tried to look up an authentic Mr Bill short on youtube but they were all tributes to the program, none original.

    I couldn't help but think of it when I saw you signing some of your posts as MrBill.... in a similar mode of thought, I never wanted anyone to refer to me as Ms. Vicki.......... who married Tiny Tim.......... who infamously sang "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" and was married to his Miss Vicki on the Johny Carson 'Tonight' show in the late 1960s/early 1970s .... infamous names, all of them!

    Now I couldn't be further off topic here, and on my own thread LOL!

    So let me end with,

    YES, I agree Ouch, in fact I'm looking at trying to replace some things in myhouse, and it's very difficult to be green and be on a budget!!!!

    all the best,

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