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    I am also a medical transcriptionist. Presently I work for a hospital three days a week.

    Some of our transcriptionists also work for at home services but they have had a hard time finding GOOD ones.

    Before I took my m-i-l in my home for 24/7 care (she passed away) I had a small service doing the transciption for doctor's offices. They would phone in from the offices, I would transcribe and deliver within two days. I met my contacts at the hospital. Because of the around the clock care for my m-i-l I could not continue my service.

    Caring for her, nearly did me in.....I managed to hold onto the parttime job at the hospital....came close though.... My husbandand I need that job for the health benefits.

    From the sound of your post, you are happy with the company you work for. That is BIG. Would you feel comfortable explaining a little more about your schedule/company/satisfaction/benefits?

    Medquist was cheating the transcriptionists by faulting line counting...... a class action suit was brought against them. We had three transcriptionists working for them during that time.

    The transciptionists at the hospital are always in fear we are going to be outsourced. Not a happy feeling.

    Fondly June

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