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    Haven't heard how you all were doing so thought I would are you two doing?

    I got my second CSA back and from what I can tell the Candida - 2 Candida Albicans and 1 Rhodotorula are gone!!! I can't believe the treatment only took 4 months. Thank You Lord!!! :)
    The gut still needs healing but at least now I have some beneficial bacteria in there, where before there no Lactobacillus and marginal Escherichia coli and Bifidobacterium. I'm still lacking in hydrochloric acid/pepsin or pancreatic enzymes insufficiency. Probably all of them!

    The bacteria that showed in the last test Bacillus, Citrobacter, Klebsiella and Enterobacter cloacae seem to be gone, too.

    LCFAs are elevated- along with triglycerides but that's the malabsorption problem and for some odd reason I was craving fats and salt. So went a bit nuts on the butter, I put it on everything but that's stopped thank goodness. But still losing weight after trying for 15 years..another thank You Lord!!

    I do have an appointment with Dr. Farr this evening so I'll find out more for sure what is going on. The next step will be the messed up/lacking hormones and HPA then finally on to the chronic Lyme and chronic EBV.
    Thanks again Karen.. there really is hope

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    That's great news! Wow, I've never even heard of rhodotorula, that sounds so eerie. I actually just sent off my CDSA sample today. So I should have results in a couple of weeks. I've been doing all kinds of experimenting with diet, so I'm curious to see what's happened. My bad gut bacteria seem to be uncannily persistent. Luckily, so am I. Eventually, they're going to die. Of course, I'll be eating nothing but chicken and broccoli by then, it seems like. Whatever it takes! The persistence of the bad bacteria could be related to the heavy metals. I also just got the results of the DNA testing and I have my next appt on the 27th to discuss it. It's very detailed and lengthy. There's definitely some stuff on there that needs addressing. This will help us to get rid of the metals and then I should be able to get rid of the last of the baddies in the gut.

    For this last CDSA test, as usual, I had to give up all supps for 3 days. The first time I did the test, back in March, it killed me to give up everything for that long. I was a wreck. The next time was still difficult, but better. But this last time it was no big deal. About the only symptom I had from not taking all my digestive aids was that I was hungry all day long. And my liver did get congested from the undigested fats and proteins, I could feel it. It probably would have gotten me tired if I was trying to be active, but I just hung around the house and didn't do much since I knew I was stressing my digestive system.
    Overall, though, it's still constant, steady improvement.

    Since I had a serious liver infection, I may have some long lasting problems from it, like I'll have to take digestive aids forever, but that's certainly no big deal. I don't believe doctors who say liver damage is permanent anyway.

    This morning, the first thing I took was some chinese bitters. It decongests a liver pretty quick and as soon as I had breakfast and restarted all my pills, I was back to where I was. So it's all good. I've had to cut down on my food intake, finally. At first, when I was sick, I could barely eat. Then, when I started the new treatment, I could eat more and more, and ended up pigging out for months. Then I tapered off, and now I have gained a couple of pounds. I really don't have to eat much at all, now. I actually have to stop myself or I'd just keep on eating until I was full. I want to keep my weight down so I just eat until I'm not hungry anymore. I do crave salt and I dump tons of Himalayan crystal salt on everything I eat. It's so delicious, it's just a different taste than morton's poison salt - it goes down like a blend of salt flavors, whereas regular table salt just tastes "too salty and sharp". It's hard to explain, but if I had both salts in front of me and a blindfold on, I could easily pick which is which.

    I found some physical therapy back exercises and I've been doing them for the past 3 days. I don't seem to have as much of an achey back. The exercises are done mostly lying down on my back and moving my legs.

    We may as well use this thread as our new update thread instead of trying to find the old one, I'll report when I get my results and I'll be looking for yours.

    take care,

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    Sounds good, Dr Farr did mention the DNA testing but not until we have treated the hormones and Lyme and EBV and if anything is resistant then he'll do that test. I thought my apt was yesterday but it's on the 27 th, too. Need to work on the memory :)

    I seem to be hungry all the time on these supplements but I'm losing weight, I still have a hard time realizing the weight is coming off after 15 years of trying LOL boy talk about stubborn but I guess that's what you need to be to fight all this crud.

    Rhodotorula is a fungus, I told Dr. Farr it sound slike invasion of the body snatchers! Yucko!!LOL

    I'll find out if the leaky gut is healed, the report didn't mention inflammation, sure hope so. I'm still not digesting foods so I'll probably have to be on the digestive enzymes forever but that's okay. I'll have to give the Himalayan salt a try. I usually kosher for some cooking and Celtic Sea Salt, your's sound interesting.

    That's great that you can exercise now. I want to get back to walking, I tried a few days ago and somewhere bruised the bottom of my foot. We live in the county and there aren't any sidewalks, mostly orchards. I probably stepped on an almond hull- this crud sure turns you into a wimp!

    I had read your post on compromising the gut with NSAIS and did some more research since I use Excedrin for Migraines when the pain is bad. I figured there had to be something natural out there that we all could use and found Serrapeptase, it's from silk worms of all things, and not even the whole worm but the gut- it's an enzyme. I wonder who ever thought to disecct that little thing and discovered it's benefits! It's been used in Europe for over 25 years. Germany has used it a long time and I know they do extensive research on any over the counter drugs before they allow it to be sold. I found a good website on it, they, of course claim all sorts of miracles for it but since I haven't' tried it yet I won't discount or beleive any claims. I did order some through the place I get most of my supplements, so we'll see. I won't take NSAIDS agains after reading what a mess they make of our guts(even occassional use). Thanks for posting that.
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    I just talked with Dr. Farr and he is pleased at the progress and is changing the treatment plan to fixing the malabsorption and Lyme then on to the hormones. He will attack the Lyme pretty aggressively and is hoping that will fix the malabsorption, he's adding hydrochloric acid and a supplement that mimic bile. Seems those two are missing and there's quite a few supplements that are strong anti oxidants to strengthen the immune system and kill off the viruses and the two bacteria that's left.. Maybe I'll beat this crud!!

    Hope your report was good news, too!

  5. consuegra

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    Does anyone have a preference as to which CDSA is better - Genovas or Metametrix?
    My doctor feels that the Metametrix test is the best.

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    Hi MissAutumn,

    sorry I missed this before. I've just been soooo busy! God, for the longest time I didn't think I'd ever say THAT again!

    Anyway, I just talked to Farr yesterday about my DetoxiGenomic Profile. This thing is really detailed, it looks at the genes that have to do with production of the enzymes that control the major liver detox functions, like Phase I and Phase II (which includes methylation, acetylation, glutathione conjugation and oxidative protection. It's way too much for me to just sum up here. Besides, Farr has to wait for the stool test results (next week) and then we'll put them together and see how we can help along my liver detox functions.

    I've got a polymorphism with the CYP1B1 gene and here's the summary:

    Health Implications: Cytochrome P450 1B1 is responsible for the 4-hydroxylation of estrogen as well as the activation
    of common environmental toxins such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g., products from cigarette smoke, car
    exhaust, and charbroiled foods), polychlorinated biphenyls (e.g., PCBs), and aflatoxin B1. Polymorphisms convey a
    higher capacity for induction with toxin exposure, thus greater activation and potential toxicity of these compounds and
    greater production of 4-hydroxyestrogens.

    Minimizing Risk: Do not smoke. Minimize exposure to xenobiotics (e.g., polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), also
    xenoestrogens (e.g., organochlorines), which tend to increase CYP1B1 activity. Eat a diet rich in antioxidants; consider
    supplementation. Redirect estrogen metabolism away from 4-hydroxylation with cruciferous vegetables and/or agents
    such as indole 3-carbinol (I3C), diindolylmethane (DIM), fish oils, or rosemary.


    I've also got some genetic variation in one chromosome of COMT2 involved in methylation, and here's the summary for that:

    Health Implications: Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) inactivates catecholamines, catechol estrogens, and
    catechol drugs such as L-DOPA. A polymorphism in COMT results in reduced COMT activity, thus decreased degradation
    of these compounds. Risk may be increased for some neuropsychiatric disorders, impaired estrogen metabolism, and
    increased sensitivity to pain.

    Minimizing Risks: Minimize sustained mental and environmental stress, as adrenaline levels may already be high.
    Stress hormones also require COMT for their degradation, thus can decrease the methylation of estrogen compounds.
    Ensure adequate intake of B vitamins, magnesium, and protein


    I also have genetic variation in both chromosomes of NAT2 and SOD2 and here's the summary:

    Health Implications: N-acetyltransferase 1 is found in extra-hepatic tissues, while N-acetyltransferase 2 is found
    predominantly in the liver and the gut. NAT2 is the enzyme that controls Phase II acetylation of numerous
    environmental toxins, including heterocyclic aromatic amines. Rapid acetylators increase O-acetylation of toxins that
    can actually make the toxins more reactive. These transformed toxins may increase risk of developing lung, colon,
    breast, bladder, head and neck cancer, though results have not been consistent in all studies. Colon cancer appears
    to have the most consistently reproducible association with fast acetylation.

    Minimizing Risk: If you smoke, stop. Your risk of lung and breast cancer is substantially higher than someone with
    normal NAT activity. Do not eat fried foods and minimize red meat as these substantially increase your risk of
    colorectal cancer. Avoid well-done meats as these may substantially increase your risk of breast cancer. Liberal
    consumption of most vegetables and fruits but especially cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts,
    cauliflower, watercress and cabbage), garlic, onions, soy, grapes and berries will increase Phase II efficiency,
    including acetylation.

    other NAT2 based on SNP location:

    Health Implications: N-acetyltransferase 1 is found in extra-hepatic tissues, while N-acetyltransferase 2 is found
    predominantly in the liver and the gut. NAT2 is the enzyme that controls Phase II acetylation of numerous
    environmental toxins, including heterocyclic aromatic amines. Rapid acetylators increase O-acetylation of toxins that
    can actually make the toxins more reactive. These transformed toxins may increase risk of developing lung, colon,
    breast, bladder, head and neck cancer, though results have not been consistent in all studies. Colon cancer appears
    to have the most consistently reproducible association with fast acetylation.

    Minimizing Risk: If you smoke, stop. Your risk of lung and breast cancer is substantially higher than someone with
    normal NAT activity. Do not eat fried foods and minimize red meat as these substantially increase your risk of
    colorectal cancer. Avoid well-done meats as these may substantially increase your risk of breast cancer. Liberal
    consumption of most vegetables and fruits but especially cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts,
    cauliflower, watercress and cabbage), garlic, onions, soy, grapes and berries will increase Phase II efficiency,
    including acetylation.

    about the GSTM1 gene:

    Health Implications: Glutathione S-transferases (GST) are responsible for detoxifying certain products of oxidative
    stress and a variety of electrophilic xenobiotics and carcinogens such as solvents, herbicides, pesticides, polycyclic
    aromatic hydrocarbons, steroids, and heavy metals. GSTM1 is located primarily in the liver, whereas GSTP1 is
    located primarily in the brain and lungs.
    The test indicates that the GSTM1 gene is present, although it is not clear whether the gene is present on one or
    both chromosomes. This suggests normal GSTM1 enzyme activity and hepatic detoxification of xenobiotics and
    toxic metals.
    GSTP1 polymorphisms are associated with either higher or lower enzyme activity, depending on the exposure.
    Although this I105V genotype is associated with less overall risk, it has still been associated with slightly increased
    risk of some cancers (especially with cigarette smoke exposure), atopy, xenobiotic-induced asthma, and COPD.

    Minimizing Risk: Regardless of genotype, increasing the body's production of glutathione (GSH) will reduce
    oxidative stress and afford greater protection against a wide array of toxins. GSH precursors and cofactors include
    methionine, N-acetylcysteine, glutamine, glycine, magnesium, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate (B6). Allium vegetables
    (e.g., onions, leeks, garlic) and cruciferous vegetables (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage) can increase GST
    activity. Most importantly, minimize exposure to cigarette smoke, charred food, herbicides, fungicides, insect sprays,
    industrial solvents, and toxic metals.

    Health Implications: Superoxide dismutase is the primary anti-oxidant enzyme within the mitochondria of cells
    (where most of our energy is made). SOD2 converts reactive oxygen species into less reactive hydrogen peroxide.
    Polymorphisms in SOD2 (+/- and +/+) are associated with reduced SOD activity. While this may increase some risk of
    oxidative stress, more clinical correlations have been observed for the (-/-) genotype. This genotype has specifically
    been associated with increased risk of cardiomyopathy.
    Minimizing Risk: Although this genotype is less sensitive to antioxidant status compared to the (-/-) genotype, liberal
    consumption of dietary antioxidants in colorful vegetables and fruits is still recommended. Broad-spectrum
    antioxidant supplements may also be helpful, as well as manganese, which serves as a cofactor for SOD2. Consult
    your health care provider to find the supplement regimen that best fits your overall health anti-oxidant needs.


    Yeah, I know, have fun understanding all of this, I had to read through the test a few times before I really got all of it. I'm dying to know the results of the stool test, I'm feeling so good I don't feel like I should restrict my diet so much anymore, but it's not good to guess. I learned that the hard way. I also avoided all these veggies for years because I didn't like them. Now they are what I eat, mostly.

    I have a problem with NSAIDs, too. I have such bad cramps every month, I have to give myself a shot of voltaren. I can't live without it, the pain is horrendous. I've tried a few times, and ended up in a fetal position moaning and clenching and unclenching all my muscles and then have to call a doctor to make a house call and give me the shot unless I can get a friend to go buy the stuff I need. I don't know what else to use. Actually, now that you mention it, I did get a muscle relaxer here a couple of years ago that worked. I'll have to look it up and see what it does to the liver as far as detox goes, and to the intestines as far as damage to the lining. Thanks for helping me remember that!

    I still have a bottle of Serrapeptase. I used it for a while, and then got on Vitalzyme, and I have since stopped them both. The Serrapeptase is an enzyme that dissolves protein, and I got it for the express purpose of trying to dissolve the undigested proteins that I was sure were in my blood because I wasn't digesting food properly. It's a good product to use while we heal the guts. If undigested protein is still circulating in the body, then it will certainly help.

    Hi Kelly,

    No, I don't mind the questions - not a bit. The chinese bitters I got at the vitacost store but you can probably get them in any health food store. They are a mixture of gentian root and bupleurum root. I have only seen these sold separately, then you just mix them yourself to get the bitters. I buy a tincture bottle of gentian root and another of bupleurum root and use one dropperful of each in about an inch of water. Then I drink that down and chase it with something else because it is extremely bitter and tastes like hell. But it works really well. I still use the Liv52 and Ultimate Liver Cleanse every day.

    The test I did was the DetoxGenomic Profile with Genova Diagnostics. Those were my results above but I'll post what to do about them next week after I get the stool test results and have my next appt with Farr which is on Feb 5. I don't know what the mechanism of action of the chinese bitters is, but it definitely helped clear up liver congestion, which is what happens when undigested fats and proteins clog up the liver. I guess I'll look into it, it would be something good to know. When I had massive liver congestion problems, before I used betaine hcl, the bitters would clear up the bad congestion in a couple of days.

    I like to rotate liver stuff so we don't get too used to one. I had hep c which was discovered by accident when I went to apply for insurance years ago. I didn't know I had it. I did the antiviral chemo to get rid of it after I developed cfs, but it just made me ten times worse. It got rid of the virus, supposedly, but I thought it was supposed to get rid of the cfs, too, Not make it into unbearable torture that made me want to die. Now I realize the whole problem back then was that I had a typical, ignorant medical doctor who failed to diagnose guy dysbiosis and intestinal hyperpermeability. If I had been diagnosed right away from the start, I probably could have been over it in a matter of weeks or a few months with a few simple supplements, some probiotics and a diet change. But doctors only use drugs and haven't cured a chronic disease in a hundred years. Rockefeller figured out he could get rich off pharmaceuticals and pushed them, even though he never used them himself. That should be a wake up call for everybody.

    Because I went undiagnosed for a few years, I have one of the most severe cases of dysbiosis that Farr, for one, has ever seen. That's why it's taking me a good long while and a lot of effort to lick it. But I will, I'm not going to let a bunch of microscopic bugs get the best of me anymore. Now THEY are starving instead of me, let's see how THEY like it! heehee

    I know I have a heavy metal problem, and that was originally why we did the genomic profile, to see how my liver is handling detoxification. Then we would use that to try to incorporate a metal chelation program. It's still all good, though. I feel great and even if I had to stay like I am right now, I'd be happy. I have nor more exhaustion, no more dying feeling, no more mind numbing brain fog and no more hypersensitivity to chemicals and certain foods.

    I still avoid dairy and gluten and always will, but that's no big deal - it keeps me thin! I finally have the body I always wanted, but I don't think I'd like to push the cfs torture way to lose weight. I was more interested in the "tongue stamp" which I thought of after I bit my tongue after a couple of seizures and it hurt too much to eat for a couple of days. I figured I could sell something that looked like a notary stamp with teeth and you'd stamp your tongue with it, really HARD, and then you wouldn't be able to eat for a couple of days! Lose weight fast! Money back guarantee! Remember, no pain no gain! hehehe
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    Chris I don't have any preference, Genova is what Dr. Farr uses and it has picked up thing the lab my doctor here uses.


    LISALOO New Member

    love reading what you guys are doing because I've only had my first hour apt, my second is on 2/12.

    I was hoping I would find out that I wasn't absorbing fats so that if I fixed that, the hormones and other items would become fixed. But according to the commentary on the CDSA, I'm doing fine. I haven't talked to Dr. Farr about my results, but everything looks to be fine. I did do several liver cleanses the last couple of months, so that may be why my fats and liver seem to be doing good.

    Did you guys have a lot wrong? My blood tests for candida have been bad in the past, so I was surprised my candida was 1+.

    It looks like the only thing really wrong is that I have no ecoli.

    I was hoping this would be my fix, but since I don't see anything really wrong, not sure the gut is my issue.

    My thyroid panel came back fine. My HPA isn't in yet.

    Miss Autumn, are you feeling better, how much now that you've fixed some of the bad bacteria?[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2009]
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    It's funny but I don't feel much different than I did as when I started this treatment. You would think I would! I have Chronic Lyme, Chronic Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, along with the malabsorption, inflammation of the gut and lack of beneficial bacteria and any hydrochloric acid or bile. The Candida albicans were both 1+ and Rhodotorula 2+, had additional bacteria of Bacillus species, Citrobacter farmeri, klebsiella oxytoca and enterobacter cloacae. I guess the only thing I notice is I don't feel nauseous like I have for the past 15 years! Funny what you get use to.

    I found even if the numbers don't look too bad they are and can really mess us up.. Dr. Farr can put it all together and come up with a great treatment plan.

    Let us know how it is going both of you ... Kelly and Lisa. It is so great to hear there is hope out there for people. :)


    LISALOO New Member

    Aw, I was hoping you were feeling better from working on the guy!

    I can't wait for my next consultation with Dr. Farr, but of course I would like to hear that everyone is rapidly improving with him (I know, so unrealistic, but I've been sick for 5 years and only getting worse.

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    I am feeling better...sleeping more hours and finally losing weight and more energy but that all happened within two weeks of the treatment or yeah ! pain level is way down! I just haven't felt much different since the Candida and other bacterium are gone.

    Lisa I've been sick for 50 years - I was 10 when it started! but the worse of it all happened about 5 years ago. The Lyme was 18 years ago and it just got progressively worse. When I talked with Dr. Farr he said to expect it to take at least a year or more. The Candida usually takes a year and mine was cured in two months. So the improvement is rapid! Now we'll see with the next stage which will be the Lyme and Epstein Barr and the leaky gut. That's probably why I don't notice huge difference in getting rid of the other crud. I told Dr. Farr it sounds like invasion of the body snatchers! LOL

    You mentioned that your Candida Albican was only 1+ but we aren't suppose to have that one so you will feel ill when the balance is off. You'll feel a lot better when you start, just do everything he says and stick with the diet or way of eating. I did add coconut products to my diet, it's one of natures best cure alls.

    You will get better


    LISALOO New Member

    Thanks, I hope something happens good for you and me.

    I definately can't do coconut, allergic to it, but I've heard such good things.
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    I'm absolutely fascinated with this treatment plan. I so can't wait to go back to work so I have the funds to address this issue.

    What I want to do first though is use the Colonix internal cleansing program to clean out the gut. Then I want to redo the Genova testing and see what's left to address. I think clearing out all the accumulated gunk in the digestive track is a good first step. I've already done the partial program with this cleanse and have seen what it removes, but I know there is more to eliminate yet. This program will remove a lot of toxins and the coating that prevents the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs to heal.

    Another thing I plan to address is the removal of heavy metals. I have a mouth full of silver fillings and I know mercury is one of my problems. I plan to try Wayne's clay detox foot bath to help with that. I would do a full bath but I don't have a bathtub unfortunately. The calcuim bentonite clay can be taken internally too, but it can disrupt the absorption of supplements and medications so the timing has to be right. That's what makes the baths a bit easier to do. It's a treatment used not only for heavy metal detox, but for people that have also had radiation exposure from nuclear plants and such that they have had much success with. Oil pulling is another way to reduce heavy metals in the body, but the ultimate fix is removing the fillings and detoxing the residue from the body.

    Lisaloo: According to the blood type diet, those with type O blood shouldn't use coconut or its oil because it causes the blood cells to stick together. I was wondering what your blood type was since you said you were allergic...

    Something else those of you on this treatment plan might want to consider is an alkaline diet. I know the dr has you on a specific diet for your treatment, but afterwards, it's something you might want to look into. Eating acid forming foods causes the body to become acidic where it prefers to be alkaline on the inside. When it gets acidic, yeast, molds, fungus, cancers and parasites thrive in this environment. Normal body cells actually mutate into these other types of cells I just listed (except for the parasites). Eating alkaline will cause the mutant cells to remorph into healthy body cells. It's basically the process of decomposition that the body goes through when it dies, the problem is, we are still alive and it breaks down all the systems in our bodies, focusing on the genetic weaknesses we have inherited first. It was just a thought...

    Anyway I'm so glad I found the new thread to this treatment and look forward to hearing of more recovery from each of you! I'll let you know when I'm able to start on the treatment myself, and what effect the cleanse had when I get the results from the digestive tests. (I've already had one done before I did the cleanse but had to stop seeing my dr. due to loosing health insurance.)
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    Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I'm currently restarted on zithromax to treat babesia, but this time I'm starting up very slowly because of bad reactions the first time on antibiotics. I am also looking at seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who says that he treats CFS or a CFS specialist Dr Podell in nj who is holistic so thats always good. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to see but I know that I need to make a decision.

    I was all ready to start up with Dr Farr a couple of weeks ago but I decided to go another route. I am so happy for the people that he was able to help but I didn't feel comfortable paying almost $1000 every two to three months to someone that I have never met or seen face to face. I wish all of you the best.

  15. MIssAutumn

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    Good to hear from you. It sounds like either one the doctors would be a good choice, and it looks like you got bit by a nasty tick, too.

    Dr. Farr is expensive and I felt the same way but with the results of my last two tests I feel pretty confident with him. We're working on the Chronic Lyme and Chronic EBV now. I'm herxing with this treatment but only if I forget to take the lymphatic drainage, it's homeopathic and really helps.

    Drink lots of water with the antibotics and take a good probiotic. And lots of good wishes in your treatment

  16. llelnino

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    Its nice to hear from you as well and I am so happy that he was able to sort things out for you. Dr Farr had me take the same Lyme test from Central Florida Labs but mine was negative so that made him believe that Lyme was definately not one of my issues. I asked him how he could be sure just by this test and he told me that this test is the most accurate Lyme test out right now and that eventually this test will be the standard test to take because of the accuracy. I found this very odd because I've been looking into Lyme testing for several months now and this lab is rarely ever even mentioned. He never even acknowledged the fact that I tested positive for babesia(Tick Borne Infection) and is found in up to 66% of people with Lyme.

    I'm seeing a LLMD who is treating the Babesia but I also have Chronic EBV so that is why I am considering a CFS doctor because my LLMD doesnt feel that my EBV is active and the CFS doctors I've been to feel that it is. So I quess that I need to treat both : ( Next week I am also seing a holistic dentist to access the condition of my gums, root canal and fillings. The reason for this is because I had major dental work 2 months before becoming chronically ill.


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  18. MIssAutumn

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    Sorry again about Dr. Farr but in my years here one earth I haven't found anyone 100% perfect! LOL In treating me Dr. Farr said I was a text book case so that makes it really easy for him to treat all my crud.

    I can't see how, when you test positive for EBV that you wouldn't have to treat it. It's probably chronic which means your body has adapted to the virus and is not trying to fight them but they are still there causing havoc!!! I sure would find a doctor that will treat both.

    My major flare happened right after a lot of dental work but it was within a few days not months. I'm sure with all these different treatments for Lyme and EBV FM/CF is because it's all so new to these doctors. We've all had this crud for years but they are just now finding out it's real. Except the government has decided that people with FM are overweight, low income and have had some sort of mental illness when they were young. So, in other words if you are a healthy weight, upper income bracket and are mentally sound- what ever that is- you don't have FM. Geesh this is why so many are leaning toward the natural cures.

    Let me know how you are doing.

  19. zipk

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    Hi Sarah:

    I know the treatment is tailored to each individual, but what have you done to help make progress? Diet, HCL, enzymes, probiotics?

  20. zipk

    zipk New Member

    I forgot to also ask:

    what type of blood test is used that tells you the natural equivalent of antibiotics? Glad you are making progress. People like you are helping us unravel the mystery of this dreadful illness.



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