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    Years ago you posted the diet you lost 30 pounds with. It was veggie soup I believe. I've searched and searched and can't find it.

    I did find what you are eating now, but still would love to find your initial diet.

    I did make up the veggie soup you recommended but my stomach got bloated and felt terrible in a short while. Just lately I read you have to introduce it slowly to acclimate to it.

    Hopefully you still check this board and can tell me again!

    I need to lose about 20 pounds, I'm eating between 900-1200 calories a day. I work out when I can, but tough with CFIDS, I'm mainly doing strength training.

    I've tried EVERY diet and cannot lose.

    Hopefully you will read this!!!

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    Hi Hollie,

    I did lose lots of weight by just adjusting my diet to a healthy one. I have to avoid all wheat and dairy - they are virtually impossible to digest, even for a healthy person. If you have CFS you are pretty much guaranteed to have digestive problems so anything with any wheat or dairy should be avoided, even if it's trace amounts. That includes butter, unfortunately.

    Fruits should always be eaten in moderation and on an empty stomach but not at all if you have dysbiosis. This also applies to carbohydrate foods like starchy root veggies (potatoes, carrots, etc.) You have to starve out the bad bacteria and yeasts from the gut - that means as little sugar as possible and starch equals sugar.

    I found that just eliminating wheat and dairy was enough to get the pounds to start sliding off. And when you avoid all those foods above, about all that's left are protein foods and veggies. And they aren't fattening unless you really pig out on them.

    I would probably modify some of my old recipes based on my unending study of food - especially where nightshade veggies are concerned. What exactly was in the soup you made? And what do you eat normally? Are you taking any digestive enzymes or betaine hcl (stomach acid)? Have you had a comprehensive digestive stool analysis done to evaluate digestive enzymes, dysbiosis and gut lining integrity?
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    I removed what you said, and am flabbergasted about the idea of someone stalking on message boards. What a tale you must have to tell....

    You first talked about your eating back in 2007, and since I've had major surgery after major surgery (both hips resurfaced, both knees replaced) I forgot your excellent program and now want to try it again along with my weight training.

    The soup I made has lots of veggies, brussel sprouts, broccoli, watercress, cabbage, white potatos (my help made a mistake, I told her not to add potato), boullion and some chicken thighs and lots of herbs...tastes great.

    Normally I'm always on a diet and am not a junk food eater, small portions, healthy food...although I have been eating whole grains in Grape Nuts every blue moon and in bread often dipped in olive oil. I've been eating Nancy's non-fat yogurt with the good bacteria with walnuts berries, dried cranberries, and I often drink non-fat milk. I usually cook fish, chicken sometimes filet mignon for my husband with a small salad...for our dinner. I would drop the red meat but he won't. The filet is grilled the others usually sauteed with olive oil and herbs. I have a banana every morning with a cappucino (hardly any milk...please don't make me give it up) and I find I'm not at all hungry until about 3:00 PM. I might have an egg white omlette or some nuts until dinner. I don't eat over 1200 calories normally but gain weight!

    So to lose weight I will drop my yogurt and dairy products and all grains? I'd just like to get back in my clothes.

    I'm not currently taking digestive enzymes, but have in the past, I don't notice any difference when not taking them. No, I've never been analyzed to the extent you describe, I'm a complete novice to gut problems...I've always had a "cast iron" stomach. I'm kind of burned out on taking supplements, I've done it for so long I can barely get myself to take any vitamins at all.

    Anyway, thanks so much for responding and giving me your outline for weight loss. I'm following in now. How do nuts, walnuts, and olive oil fit into your eating plan? What about good quality whey protein powder? I tend to be constipated, just ate some prunes...guess those are sugar and a no-no?

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    OMG, Hollie, what a mess! You are breaking every food combining rule there is!

    Unless you have some major intolerance to one of the veggies, I'm betting your reaction to the soup was because of trying to mix potatoes and chicken in one meal and especially with a lot of water.

    Since you can do strength training, you don't sound all that bad off. Am I right? Can you do any aerobic type of exercise without getting too winded? Do you get PEM?

    You shouldn't have to acclimate to healthy soup. One major food combining rule is not to mix proteins and starches. Obviously, we all grew up doing that. But now, with the dreaded CFS, you have to guard against pushing yourself. You can't digest proteins and starches at the same time properly because the proteins need acid in the stomach and the starches need an alkaline environment to be broken down.

    The acid will affect the enzymes that break down the starches and the excess starches will tend to neutralize the acid, especially with extra water like in soup. And you are probably already deficient in stomach acid to begin with, having CFS. When you eat proteins and they don't get broken down properly in the stomach with the acid, they put a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys. That right there will be enough to bloat you and make you very uncomfortable. And add a bunch of starch that can't digest properly, too, and you'll really feel bad. You get a big blob of undigested food going through you and this causes major problems like inflammation. What happened with your hips and knees? Could inflammation have caused these problems? You're going to have to start studying food intolerance, intestines and inflammation. If you put the words "natural remedies" in your searches, this will eliminate most of the medical profession's advice on the subject which is almost completely useless.

    Okay, on to the dairy issue. If you have intestinal dysbiosis and hyperpermeability (aka leaky gut syndrome), both classic CFS complications, then you have to address these with everything you've got. Wheat and dairy are the first on the "foods to avoid" list. It's possible you aren't intolerant to them, but unlikely. If you eat them and they are causing inflammation and continuing to aggravate the compromised gut lining, you will never heal. You can find a qualified doc and get the CDSA done and find out that way or you can just give them up and try to take care of it yourself. Wheat and dairy are extremely hard for the body to break down, and that's even more the case with us. Undigested food particles are deadly to the body's digestive and immune systems. Don't confuse food intolerance with allergies, where the body makes antibodies. You could pass the antibody test but still be intolerant.

    I used to love Grape Nuts and yogurt about a million years ago. Yoplait had just come out and I was really into the strawberry and raspberry flavors. Ah well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The problem with yogurt other than having dairy in it is the fruit. Fruit can really only be eaten on an empty stomach if you want to digest it properly. If you're going to eat fruit, eat it at least a half hour before any other foods or it gets trapped in the stomach with the other foods. By itself, fruit has all the enzymes in it that will help digest it and it will be in and out of your stomach within half an hour. If we have a gut that is in a bad state and we put fruit in it along with other foods, the fruit tends to putrefy and ferment - because the stomach won't open and empty it until the other food is ready - and all that does is stress digestion and feed bad bacteria and yeast. If you have dysbiosis, where the bad microbes are out of control, then fruit should be avoided altogether, along with all carbohydrate foods. The bad guys eat sugar and carbs turn to sugar. See why you really need a CDSA? Without it, you're guessing. And since my own dysbiosis took a year to fix, you don't want to waste any time guessing and not being able to see your progress. Also, yogurt doesn't have all the different bacteria you need. Probiotics may be necessary.

    Having a banana for breakfast and then nothing else until 3 pm is also going to stress the body. The adrenal glands, very major players in CFS, need fat and protein to make hormones and they start early in the morning. Eggs are a great breakfast. Try to get cage free and organic, they even taste better - you'll never to back to those cheap, nasty, assembly-line eggs again after trying these. You don't have to eat a lot but you really should eat something during the day maybe salads with avocado.

    And what's this about egg white omelett! You are throwing away the healthiest part of the egg! That cholesterol stuff about eggs is not true! Sure, there's some cholesterol in an egg but stomach acid breaks it down and you hardly absorb any of it, maybe like 30 mg from one egg. Meanwhile, your liver makes about 1000mg a day of cholesterol. And bad cholesterol is when cholesterol comes into contact with free radicals. If you are worried about cholesterol, lower your carb intake. The amount of cholesterol the liver makes is dependent in part on your insulin levels. Lower the carbs and you lower cholesterol. Virtually everyone with CFS should be on a low carb diet.

    Nuts are okay in moderation as long as they're raw. Roasted nuts will stress the liver because the oils have been heated. And stay away from peanuts and cashews. I feel better when I take betaine hcl when I eat nuts. The betaine hcl is for concentrated protein foods. Like the chicken soup. And I take digestive enzymes with every meal. Do you remember which digestive enzymes you took? And were you using betaine hcl to replace stomach acid? Not using the betaine hcl when you are very low on stomach acid could make the enzymes seem like they're not doing anything. A good quality whey protein powder, one that is cold processed, should be okay whether or not you are dairy intolerant, depending on the extent of the intolerance if one exists.

    I use olive oil in my own salad dressing. It's got tahini, EVOO, garlic, and passionfruit juice in it. It's very good for you but hard on the liver if it's stressed with undigested food. I also use coconut oil for cooking my fried eggs. And lately I've been into steamed broccoli sauteed in coconut oil - what a great flavor since I can't use butter! I usually have avocado with my salads and that is a fat food so I always take a betaine hcl with that. Between the dressing and the avocado, that's a good bit of fat and I digest it better with some acid.

    I tried to be as brief as possible, but this is a huge subject - you have plenty of diet and nutrition and intestine homework to do! Just read as much as you can. And really consider the CDSA. It will tell you the amount of good and bad bacteria and yeasts in your gut, how well the pancreas is working (like if it is making enough enzymes and stomach acid) and how the liver is processing everything. These are the keys, I literally went from fatigued to fantastic by fixing these problems. With the right doctor, this may even be your ace in the hole since you don't sound bedridden and in pathetic shape. Make sure you review the info at Their info was how I was able to find the doctor that has helped me get over it. At least we did some proper tests and found out that I had some solid problems like dysbiosis, hyperpermeability, liver problems and adrenal fatigue, not just that BS thing called CFS which is the medical profession's excuse not to treat us. We have been soooo lied to, it's really unbelievable.

    If you can, try to give up all wheat and dairy (butter, too!) and see if your symptoms improve. You would still most likely have to treat the dysbiosis and hyperpermeability if you have these, but you would notice that you felt better in a few weeks, maybe before. The testing is good because it will tell you exactly what supps you need. Otherwise, even educated guessing is still guessing and you really have no way of measuring progress except by feeling better and since this can wax and wane to a considerable extent, it is not that reliable and you can be wasting precious time.

    But back to the weight loss, stick to things like chicken, fish, eggs, beef and veggies (not root veggies like carrots or potatoes!) and you will see the weight just slide right off. If you are really dying for some milk for your cappuccino, try almond milk.

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    You've not only lost weight but gotten better from CFIDS, that's enough to motivate me to follow this food combining technique. Can't do much homework right now due to the Holidays and having to study and test to renew my broker's license, but will get with it ASAP.

    I don't know what PEM is, but I'm not too bad relatively with my illness. I can do some cardio, I ride my bike a few miles sometimes and won't have a bad response, unless I also have to go to a party that same night. I'm strength training to get in shape and burn more calories.

    My cartilage in my hips and knees got bad from arthritis, probably inflammatory, perhaps psoriatic arthritis, or from my hypermobility, depending which of my doctors you talk to. I know I've been having arthritic inflammation in my knees lately.

    Since I don't know much about food combining, I had no idea I am a mess...I never thought food combining effected me. I had an allergist test me for gluten and other allergies, everything came back negative. The test you mention does sound intriguing, when I get to a doctor I'll ask for it (my primary doc quit recently). I never thought I had leaky gut because my stomach rarely gets upset, I get bloated every now and then and the constipation.

    I took Jay Robb digestive enzymes and he also makes the whey protein powder...his stuff is really good. He also makes an egg protein powder for those who can't do whey, perhaps that is what I should get? Jay Robb is a company with a website, a nutritionist recommended these products.

    For now, I'm going to print out what you wrote (and thanks for all that!) and make the changes I can ASAP. I'll have to get almond milk right away!

    You've mentioned so many important things it will take me awhile to digest (pun intended) everything. I've been mainly eating for low calorie, thus the egg whites rather than whole eggs and non-fat milk, etc. I do know what good eggs taste like after owning my own bunch of chickens and getting my eggs from them, back in my live off the land days.

    So I'll get started, and thanks again. I hope I can also say I feel fantastic someday. But what do you eat for snacks?


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    Hi, glad things are well. You guys have me thinking about food combining now, I had thought that was one of those 1970's health ideas that hadnt stood the test of time, I remember that fit for life stuff with fruit in morning etc
    But I have noticed that sometimes when I mix certain things don't feel well, but its not always consistent and I havnet really figured it out.

    I was getting set to make chicken/veg stew in crock when read this so opted to leave potatoes out even though I love them in there.

    I am not supposed to have dairy or wheat and did the alcat food tolerance test and have a whole list of stuff I shouldnt have including some fruits and vegies. So there are some limitations.

    So with your food combining theory how and when can I eat my carbs? like I enjoy cream of rice cereal with sunflower seeds and a little coconut butter or margarine and maybe little soy or rice milk. I assume that combo ok but not to have meat with it? If i have some meat first thing in morn. for protein, how long should I wait before I can have that cereal too? or vice versa?
    What can one eat with potatoes?
    Is there a website that explains all this............?

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    PEM is post exertional malaise, when you exert yourself and you pay for it much later, maybe even the next day. Depending on your degree of CFS, this could be caused by something as mild as walking around the house or even just standing up too fast. Or, if you are much better off like you are, then it may take much more activity like running too much. I think it's a mixture of adrenal fatigue and mitochondrial malfunction because they are both starved for the nutrients they require. They are starving because digestion is not operating properly. And you really can't tell if it is or not.

    Food is going in and coming out like normal but you could have a seriously compromised gut lining, inflammation, undigested food particles overwhelming the liver and kidneys (esp fats and proteins) and bad gut bacteria and yeasts that are out of control and you don't know it! You just feel crappy but nothing is pointing to the intestines as a source! Food is going in and coming out like normal and you are clueless. This is where most cases of CFS begin, in the intestines.

    The intestines are also the heart of the immune system, remember, that is where many of the components of the immune system are produced. If the intestines are in a bad state, so is the immune system. It took a lot of homework to piece this al together. After a couple of years of study, I had finally narrowed it down to the intestines, even though I wasn't experiencing any obvious signs of indigestion other than I felt crappy all the time and even more so when I ate a bunch of fat or protein.

    I thought it was all liver problems. It INCLUDES liver problems but only because the bad digestion pushed the poor liver over the edge to where it was unable to cope. Undigested proteins, especially, are very bad for the body, causing inflammation and stressing the liver and kidneys. Proteins run amok will affect every organ. In a way, they're like oxygen - necessary but can be damaging at the same time.

    Holly, you have probably been intolerant to a food you have been eating forever. I'm betting that is behind your arthritis and my first food guess would be dairy. Second guess: gluten. Ignore the food allergy testing regarding this, the food can cause inflammation without causing you to produce antibodies to it. They sell food allergy tests to make money, NOT because they are nutrition experts and are prepared to help you figure out exactly what you should eat and avoid. The test will help them sell you allergy shots next, and then finally pills like Zyrtec. Remember, in the case of chronic illnesses, medical doctors are drug salesmen, nothing more.
    They should stick to crisis management so when someone gets all mangled up, they can sew him and patch him up and make him like new.

    Like an extreme skier, for example, who fell too early in his run and ends up with one of his legs hitting himself in the back of the head and suffering from various broken bones and lacerations. This comes to mind because I just saw an interview with a guy this happened to not too long ago. He fell at the start of his run and did the rag doll dance all the way down the mountain until he skidded to a stop. His friends taking the video thought he was dead since he appeared to hit some rocks with his head on the way down a couple of times. He probably did, but he's okay now.

    Eat the egg yolks, they only have about 59 calories. No biggie, plus they're healthy. Had your own chickens, huh? Then you certainly know how yummy fresh eggs can be!

    For snacks, I've been eating some carbs for a couple of months now. I'm doing another CDSA in a couple of weeks and then I'll see if these carbs haven't caused problems. I make these muffins with sweet potato, zucchini, pumpkin, banana, gluten free flour and stevia. Oh yeah, stevia is a great sweetener, I like the KAL brand, it is pure and has no aftertaste. And also I like Kind brand nut bars, my favorite is almond coconut. I think they break some food combining rules, though! Raw nuts are great snacks, just don't overdo it. And also hummus with gluten free crackers. I have been using a hummus made from sunflower seeds but you can make it with garbanzo beans yourself. Fruit by itself is another good snack. When I was eating carbless, I didn't really snack in between meals. I ate my 3 meals a day (after I got over the hypoglycemia) and just didn't eat in between meals hardly at all.


    Have you done a CDSA to evaluate your intestines? Any chance you have dysbiosis? I guess the rice cereal is okay by itself if you can have carbs. But I don't think the coconut butter is a good combination. Rice is a starch which needs an alkaline environment and fat needs acid to digest. Soy is questionable, especially the milk since it has the growth inhibiting enzymes in it. According to the food combining charts, you can't mix starches and nuts, either, so the sunflower seeds are out. And what are you doing eating margarine?!!! Bad Bad Bad!!! Your liver is on suicide watch, don't swallow any bedsheets or guitar strings! hehehe

    I would wait at least 2-3 hours after eating protein to eat the rice cereal, and vice versa. I think your rice cereal isn't a completely bad combo, you'll just have to get your gut evaluated to make sure. Potatoes are really only able to be eaten with other veggies, starches or beans. Have a protein meal, like chicken and a salad, and then have a potato meal later on, maybe with some beans or just by itself. The only problem with potatoes by themselves is that they are very high on the glycemic index and you will get a huge insulin spike if you eat just a whole potato in one sitting. I alternate between protein and carb meals here lately. Like for breakfast, I have an egg, a small piece of chicken and some broccoli. Then I'll have a muffin about an hour or two before lunch. Then lunch is usually a salad with avocado. Then maybe a muffin again at 3 or so, then dinner is usually chicken and broccoli or salad with avocado. You don't have to have a "balanced" meal all at once, in fact that's a good way to make sure you can't digest it! Then you may as well have a snicker bar!

    Proper food combining cuts down on the energy needed for digestion, which is a lot. And we don't have much to spare. By making it easier on the body, we don't have to make as many enzymes and use up energy as much as we would if we eat a bunch of things indiscriminately. We all grew up that way, but we were healthy back then. One of the most important supplements we can take are digestive enzymes and betaine hcl. We should all read up on them and be familiar with how they work and when to take them.

    I'm glad you asked about a website, because it can get quite complicated. Here's some below:

    I still can't stress enough how important a CDSA is, and a person qualified to interpret and make proper recommendations. See for how to go about getting it done. You can have a really superbad case of intestinal dysbiosis and hyperpermeability, like I did, and not even be aware of it. The symptoms just do not point to the GI tract in a way that we would expect, they point to CFS - the usual fatigue, flu-like symptoms, PEM, etc. There are concrete reasons we are sick but we have to have special tests done to see what's wrong. The average medical doctor is not familiar with these tests and cannot be helpful. I feel sorry for people who are dependent on health insurance for their treatment of CFS because it just doesn't cover it - unconventional tests and doctors, I mean.

    Food combining briefly and simply, for the severely brain fogged:

    requires some thought but goes into more detail and lists food groups:

    a little more complicated:

    still a little more complicated:

    link to a printable food combining chart you can hang on the fridge: go to where it says "click here view PDF version of our food combining chart"

    this one is really complicated but has some food combining examples for raw foods:

    for the people who refuse to inconvenience themselves with food combining rules (or maybe they have a MIL from hell doing the cooking in which case they are fervently forgiven), here's another take on it, with this quote from the doc that came up with this technique:

    One of my patients in my early days of practice absolutely refused to give up any of his accustomed, conventional, low-quality foods. In this case, feeling my hands completely tied, in desperation, I gave him all that he desired. The only change I made was to rearrange the sequence of his foods. Amazingly, all of his digestive problems vanished in just 3 days.

    This last one is probably okay if digestion is working pretty well but NOT if you have full blown CFS, but it was interesting so I included it, nonetheless, just to show at the very least that there is a lot more to eating than we have ever thought about.

    I don't follow all these rules 100% all of the time, but I do adhere to the main ones like do not mix proteins and starches. I always used to wonder what was wrong with eating pizza. I mean, if you look at the ingredients, it has something from every major food group! You have your grains in the crust, even better if it's whole wheat. Then you have your dairy in the cheese, your fruits in the tomato sauce (tomatoes are technically a fruit), your veggies in the assorted toppings, fats with the cheese and olives and protein the cheese and pepperoni or whatever meat you get. So it should be healthy, right? Wrongaroni!

    Too bad, the ingredients in pizza may be healthy by themselves (and some are questionable like whole wheat and dairy) but together, they form an indigestible blob of mush in your stomach. Pizza is only good for soaking up beer and making the alcohol enter your bloodstream more slowly. This also includes all Italian foods like spaghetti with meat sauce, lasagna and basically any pasta dish. Remember that old commercial for alka seltzer? "Mama mia, that's a aspicy meataball!" Well, it did him in because he ate a bunch of starch (pasta) with his concentrated protein (meatballs)!

    When you eat a bunch of foods together that are incompatible digestive-wise, you really only manage to get the calories out of the food because the sugars are easily digested. The rest of the food is just not broken down properly to the point where the nutrients and proteins can be properly absorbed and assimilated. You won't starve to death calorie-wise, but you can sure be starving nutrient-wise. And that, my friends, is the main key to CFS symptoms. Your organs are literally starving to death, but very slowly. And it has been going on for a long time to get us to our worst.

    I just found my food combining notes, it was just not coming up before, one of the links is already listed above but here are some shorter notes on it just all thrown together:

    easy to read chart:

    eat (non starchy and green veggies)
    lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, sweet peppers, green beans, asparagus, eggplant, kale, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes

    with protein
    nuts, eggs, meats, fish (but only one kind of protein at a time)


    with starch
    potatoes, beans, peas, lentils, carrots, pumpkin, coconuts, wild rice, all grains (rice and corn) (including sprouted)

    But, do not combine protein and starch.

    protein/starches combine as starches
    beans, peas, lentils, coconuts, wild rice, all grains (rice and corn)

    avocados: best with salad, can eat with sub acid fruit or starch

    nuts okay with citrus

    lettuce and celery okay with fruit

    eat subacid fruits
    sweet apples, peaches, sweet cherries, grapes, pears, apricots, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

    with acid fruits
    citrus, pineapples, strawberries, sour apples, sour grapes, sour peaches, sour cherries

    or sweet fruits
    bananas, thompson grapes, muscat grapes, all sweet grapes, all dried fruits

    Do not combine acid fruits and sweet fruits.

    Melons are best eaten alone.

    Tomatoes with green and non starchy veggies and protein.

    nut butter with sour apples or orange slices

    eat hummus with dried veggies or sliced cucumber

    celery sticks with almond butter and agave nectar

    chocolate shake with silken tofu, coconut milk, unsweetened coca and stevia

    replace sugar and honey with agave nectar or stevia, agave is 10 on GI

    combine lettuce with fruits to slow absorption

    citrus okay with nuts or seeds

    nut butter and tahini with acidic fruits, best with acid fruits like oranges and strawberries, second best with subacid fruits like apples and peaches

    nut butter, tahini, cheese do NOT combine well with sweet fruits like dates and bananas - so fruit and nut bars with nuts and dates/bananas are not digestible, stick to ones with agave to sweeten the nuts

    bananas and brazil nut cookies okay

    tahini dressing on salad

    high GI starches combine with fat to slow down absorption

    eat salad with guacamole or hummus

    smoothies - 1 c water, 1 banana, 2 large kale leaves, 3 dried apricots (rehydrated in water the night before)

    have salad with avocados, tahini dressing, rice cake for dessert

    have chicken or meat with broccoli soup

    wait 45min- 1 hour after banana, dates or other dried fruit before eating other foods

    wait 2 hours after eating salad or raw veggies before eating fruit

    wait 3 hours after eating nuts to eat fruit

    wait 3-4 hours after protein before eating fruit

    wait 8 hours after eating IMPROPERLY combined meal before eating fruit

    all fruits except bananas, dates and dried fruits are out in 20-30 minutes

    avocado with banana, cooked or raw veggies, starches

    all legumes should be soaked at least 3 hours or overnight

    rice and beans okay

    carrots, cauliflower and zucchini can be eaten with nuts and seeds

    zucchini/flax recipe

    Sweet Fruit?Banana, Carob, Date, Fig, Prune, Raisins, Dried fruit, Persimmon, Mango, Papaya, Sapote
    Sub-Acid Fruit?Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Cherimoya, Cherry, Elderberry, Gooseberry, Grape, Huckleberry, Nectarine, Peach, Pear, Plum, Quince, Raspberry, Sapodilla
    Acid Fruit?Currant, Grapefruit, Guava, Kumquat, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Loganberry, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Tamarind, Tangerine, Tomato
    Melons?Banana melon, Cantaloupe, Casaba, Christmas melon, Persian melon, Crenshaw melon, Watermelon, Honeydew melon, Muskmelon, Nutmeg melon
    Proteins?Almonds, Cashew nuts, Hazel nuts, Hickory nuts, Lentils, Peanuts, Gooseberry, Avocados, Pecans, Pine nuts, Pistachio nuts, Soy beans, Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Coconuts
    Starches?Artichoke, Bean (lima)*, Beets, Chestnut, Carrots, Corn, Hubbard squash, Jerusalem artichoke, Peanuts*, Peas, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Yam
    *Peanuts, lentils, beans, and all cereals are considered as protein and starch combinations
    Non-Starchy Vegetables?Bamboo shoots, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Romaine, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Cucumber, Eggplant, Endive, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce: Boston, Bibb, Leaf, Romaine, etc., Okra, Parsnip, Pepper (sweet), Rutabaga, Sorrel, Sprouts: Mung bean, alfalfa, wheat, barley, etc., Squash (ex. starchy), Turnip.

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    What a great informative post on food and combining, thanks so much for putting that together.

    I wasn't sure if you were considering veggies as carbs, this makes it more clear. And I had no idea I might not feel a food problem in my stomach and still have that problem.

    Yes, I do have PEM, it usually starts about 5 hours after the exertion. I have found if I build up very slowly, and pay the big CFS price at first, after a month or three my body will be able to do much more and is able to get very strong and no more relapses. I once built up this way with yoga and 8 months later was so strong my CFS improved dramatically. My theory is that I had so much muscle it took less energy to do anything.

    Now I'm building up with weight training since I lost muscle during the injury phase prior to my surgeries. I find building up muscle to be easier on my CFS than cardio.

    I'm excited to try this eating regime, although I'm still wanting weight loss. I haven't had any wheat or dairy for a few days now, I think my stomach feels smaller. Still is hard for me to eat before 3 PM, in fact it's 2:30 PM now and I just realized I have only had the one banana.

    I really like to have something sweet at bedtime and have gotten hooked on those 50 calorie cocoa mixes (with artificial ingredients in them), I do love chocolate and like it in that form rather than a bar. Do you have any suggestions about chocolate substitutes?

    What about water drinking? I know I'm supposed to drink a lot of it but I just can't get myself to do it. So at least with the cocoa mix I was mixing it with water and taking it that way.

    Thank you again, and especially for the simplified versions of food combining.


  10. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    talk about comprehensive...
    I just got my vitamix in the mail, but havnet opened the box yet, a little intimidated when I need to learn something new cus of the energy....but looking forward to making vegie smoothies etc
  11. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    There's no substitute for drinking water, you'll just have to get some decent water and drink it. If you really hate it, use the Electrolyte Stamina or Emergen-C packets that you mix with water. You can pick these up at any health food store or I've seen them in grocery stores and places like Walgreens lately. Get a small bottle of water and pour one of these packets in it and they are delicious! Just experiment with which flavor you like and have 2-3 per day. They have a blend of trace minerals and will make you feel better, too. I drink them every day. Oh, I'll have to remember to put these on the post about sleeping being hell, because I drink these during the night and they really help.

    If you have adrenal problems, then you have fluid balance problems and you shouldn't compound the problem by being dehydrated all the time. You make things harder for your poor, struggling body when you don't drink enough water. These packets are great to carry around in your purse, too. I usually don't like fizzy water because they tend to be acidic, but once in awhile, when you eat out, order the fizzy water and drop one of these in it - instant soda that's healthy! I don't think it matters that the fizzy waters are acidic since this is a mineral blend and will alkalize the water. I use the Emergen-C flavors Orange or Acai Berry, they are my favorites for "soda".

    I can't find enough good about chocolate to outweigh the bad. You have to get rid of the crappy cocoa mix. But don't panic, yes, Virginia, there is a substitute!!! I have found something better that satisfies hunger and snack pangs, especially for sweets. Tea! Before you cringe, I don't mean just any boring teas. I have about 30 boxes of different teas around. I have ordered tons of different teas from vitacost, which I love because people can rate them and you can read reviews and decide if something is maybe right for you. I have since found I had a problem with vanilla so I can't use my vanilla teas anymore, but my favorites were:

    Republic of Tea brand flavors-

    Good Hope Vanilla -this is red tea, was my favorite - ironically, I was dumping 1/2 tsp of organic chocolate powder in it before I realized I had a problem with both chocolate and vanilla

    Vanilla Coconut

    Celestial Seasonings brand -

    Sleepytime Vanilla
    Canadian Vanilla Maple
    English Toffee (had milk products in it, didn't realize it at first until I started sneezing the next day)
    Chocolate something or other, can't remember
    Honey Vanilla Chamomile

    So I had to give all these up, but they made me realize just how yummy teas can be! And I started using stevia in them, the KAL brand since it has no aftertaste. It took me a few days to transition from honey to stevia but now I just love it. It's cheap, harmless and easy to carry around if you want. Don't let the size of the bottle fool you, it has a teeny tiny scoop inside which is equivalent to about a heaping tsp of honey or sugar. A small bottle will last a very long time. You can even sprinkle it on fruit in very tiny amounts if you like certain fruits sweeter, like strawberries, for instance.

    So now the teas I've been drinking are:

    Republic of Tea -

    Ginseng Peppermint
    Pomegranate Green Tea
    Green Tea Mint (something like that, the label fell off)

    Tazo brand -

    African Red Bush (a favorite)

    Tulsi brand -

    Peppermint (another favorite)
    Orange Mint

    Good Earth brand -

    Organic Good Night Herbal Tea (nightly favorite, goodbye cocoa!)

    I've got lots of brands of white teas, they are all great, I ordered 100 bags of Prince of Peace Premium Peony White Tea - this one is so good, sometimes I mix it with some of the green teas I have, which sometimes need a little bit more flavor.

    Yerba Mate is another one, don't remember the brand . . .

    Celestial Seasonings makes one called Sugar Cookie and it tastes just like it says! Reminds me of those Pilsbury things.

    There is no end to tea flavors, I also have some Celestial Seasoning Raspberry tea that is great cold, though I prefer to drink hot tea, I just tried it for a cold drink and it was great.

    If you have adrenal problems, then teas with licorice may even help a bit. There are soooo many flavors, you can search for hours. Maybe get some sampler boxes with a few in them and read reviews. I just love tea with stevia, it really satisfies those cravings when you just want to ingest something.

    I drink the Good Night Herbal tea every night and if you try it, it should take the place of the cocoa mix in no time at all. But find which "nighttime" tea suits you, there are dozens out there.
  12. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Hey, great you got a vitamix! I just love my K Tec blender, I can make anything, even rice flour! I'm about ready to start trying some smoothies. I haven't yet because I couldn't handle too many nuts at once or any bananas, but now I'm ready to try some. I usually use mine for soups.
  13. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey once again, danke on the great sharing of info.

    so hey I meant to say, the margarine I use is 100% canola oil based from one of our local hippy coops, so I think that should be ok and not like the margarine that got a bad rap from the 80s low fat craze.

    2ndly, the alcat test I mentioned was rec'd by Dr Cheney and was one of the more useful tools I got from him. It isnt a money making thing from yr local clinic (although it is a money maker for someone as all this stuff is) it doesnt look for allergies per se, you would have to google their website to get the explanation as I am rusty on it but its something like letting you know what stuff gives you a delayed bad reaction and avoiding it and doing a 4 day rotation diet. For example thats how I found out I shouldnt do dairy and once it was out of my diet and I tried it later it clearly cause fibro type pain in my shoulders and back (as did progesterone when I tried it after menopause). I also found out sadly tht I should avoid mint and some other fun good stuff like apples and garlic but its all relative as we know. Our sensitivities can change over time so one would need to get tested every couple years if they really wanted to know for sure where they were at.

    anyway, thanks you guys for a great thread!
  14. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    yes, ALCAT I've read about and it sounds very useful. I assumed the regular allergy testing. I just use muscle testing myself. I have a friend who comes over sometimes and we test all kinds of things on each other. We always use "controls", too, to make sure we're right on. It was how I discovered I couldn't tolerate vanilla. My first clue was sometimes I felt a little strange after certain teas. And I was so upset, I still get him to test me on it once in awhile. I love vanilla and it keeps testing bad! Oh well, same with chocolate. That was even more upsetting than the vanilla. I guess maybe I could try some carob in my tea! I have no idea if that will work or not.

    I still think canola oil is bad. There is an excellent article on Natural News about it. It's called
    Canola Oil: There is the Good, The Bad and The Ugly. There are a few good points about it but the bads outweigh them all, basically.

    Since I had to give up most condiments like butter, margarine and so on, I realized that most of the stuff I was putting them on wasn't really healthy, they were mostly just "yummy" foods so I just put them out of my head. I have so many recipes now I can make any healthy food taste good enough to compete with the junk. I'll have to put Victoria's latest recipe on here, I call it pizza because . . . well, I'm actually not sure how we developed that term for it other than it being round and tasting kinda like pizza sauce, but better.

    She sautes zucchini slices in coconut oil and then between two slices (guess it could be called a sandwich, too) she puts the sauce which is made of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions and I think a spice or two. It's super delicious. And tomorrow she's making salmon with coconut sauce. I'm scared to see if that breaks any food combining rules because I'm going to eat it anyway!

    Well, time for tea, then bed!
  15. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    The recipe with zucchini sounds wonderful, please post it if you can.

    What would coconut be, a sub-fruit?

  16. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    You had to ask! Coconuts are a paradox when it comes to food combining. I've looked all over and found them to be anywhere from a fruit to a fat to a starch/protein combination. I guess it would depend on how you're eating it. If you're eating coconut butter (which I love but is way too much saturated fat for me to handle comfortably), then it's a fat. If you're eating fresh coconut, I would say it's a mix of everything. And if it's coconut cream, then it would be fat. Coconut milk would be more of a mix because it has less fat than the cream. My ultimate answer: eliphino. I do have a feeling, though, that my yummy pina coladas are a really bad combo if you have dysbiosis. I think it's classified as a fruit but I wouldn't eat it with other fruits because the fat and meat will cause the other fruit to get held up in the stomach.

    And if anyone is having problems with frequent urination, watch out for coconut water - it's a strong diuretic.

    That's really why this is so important. Look at all our friends - they eat things that make us cringe and they seem to have no problem. Actually, they are messing with their immune systems when they eat badly, but they certainly have no obvious or immediate effects. For one reason or another, ours just became worse than theirs. And it's like trying to heal a broken leg while you are still using it. The gut has to heal and resolve itself while it is working all the time. This is why it's such a slow fix. For your leg, you just stay off it. But you have to eat.

    Like Cheney said, if we could all go into comas and be fed intravenously, we would all heal much faster. But that's just not realistic, who are we gonna find that's going to agree to put us into a coma! And then how would we pay for it? One trip to the ER is bad enough, but a year or two in a coma? I was in such agony, I would have opted for that in a heartbeat.

    Oh, here's the "pizza" recipe but we don't really measure anything so the amounts are up to you. That should only be a problem for people who have never cooked anything before.

    saute zucchini slices (like quarter inch) in coconut oil or EVOO

    chop up the following:

    red and yellow peppers


    little bit of oregano and basil
    pinch of black pepper
    salt to taste
    tiny bit of tomato paste
    pour some EVOO in the bowl with the other ingredients and mix everything up well

    Boil it down on the stove until it's thick and flavors are blended. Then serve zucchini slices hot with a spoonful of the sauce (also hot) in between two of them or just on top of each slice.

    I was at the grocery store with my mom yesterday. My dad just came down with a cold and wanted her to pick up some canned fruit so he wouldn't have to do any "fruit prep". I tried to explain how eating canned fruit is minus the same amount of alkaloids and polyphenols and other beneficial things that are in the fresh fruit that help the immune system and if he was going to eat canned fruit he was just getting basically sugar and he may as well eat a candy bar. But it fell on deaf ears. YOU try to explain this to an eighty year old.
  17. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    I've been trying my best to do the right food combining and eliminated wheat and dairy. It's been maybe a week...I don't notice weight falling off yet. And last night I got such a sweets craving I ate some honey, at least I didn't get into the ice cream with chocolate.

    I'm surprised the coconut oil is so thick. I didn't think it would be so saturated. I haven't cooked with it yet.

    Got some of the water additives you recommended and was surprised they have so many vitamins, great for me since I neglect to take supplements lately. And the water tastes better.

    So far so good except for my one fall off the wagon.

  18. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    What have you been eating the last few days? Remember to avoid root veggies, too, like potatoes, because they are very high carb. Also, the water helps to flush out the body so that is an integral part of the weight loss process. But don't drink too much with meals, you dilute the acid and enzymes you need for digestion.
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  19. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    I have a soup made with lots of green veggies, brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans, cabbage, onions, garlic and chicken thigh meat with lots of spices...tastes great and absolutely no root veggies. I eat that for dinner with a small salad and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing (haven't made your Tahini dressing yet). I often eat it for lunch, when I eat lunch also.

    I still eat a banana in the morning with cappucino and almond milk.

    Since I have to cook for husband too, I make either meat, chicken or fish (small portion for me), and either the soup or salad. We often have the soup for dinner too.

    Around 8:30 PM I get a bit hungry and want something sweet (remember I usually don't eat lunch), I've been having a small bowl of rasberries and blueberries with Stevia.

    Now, my problem...I take Doxepin for sleep which is known to put weight on because it makes one hungry. I take it about 10:30 PM and I get hungry when it "comes on". The past couple nights I go to the kitchen and eat either prunes and raw walnuts or hummus and gluten free wafers. I keep portions within reason.

    I doubt I'm taking in over 1200 calories. I've been riding my bike or walk for about an hour on alternate days from weight training.

    I'm concerned about that coconut oil since it's so saturated...I've been eating nothing but olive oil since it isn't a saturated fat. I haven't cooked with it yet.

    And I'm trying to drink more water with those tablets which I love. The directions call for only 6 ounces of water, I've been putting them in full glasses of water, what do you do?

    Thanks Catseye,

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  20. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    I might have lost a bit of weight, can't really tell and I don't weight myself. Still haven't been eating wheat or dairy.

    I think I'm gonna pick up the pace by drinking high protein "shakes" and a bit of dinner. I plan to order the Egg White protein powder from Jay Robb, as opposed to his excellent whey protein powder to avoid whey which I guess is wheat?

    Catseye, did your weight come off quickly? Or how did it come off?



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