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    I have been taking Ambien for years. It helps me a lot but I still occasionally have nights I do not sleep at all. It usually is the beginning of a flair. Even if I take 2 and my Trazadone at least 2x monthly I will lay awake all night. I have even 2 or 3 hours after taking meds and being awake on a weekend take the same amt again and still stay awake. Now, most nights I go right to sleep but many nights wake in the middle of the night. I have started going to bed earler(maybe 930-1000) and when I awake at 3 or 4 I have had several hours of sleep and can manage it and go to work and not be a zombie.

    Hope you sleep soon. It is so miserable and depressing to lay there awake and everyone else is asleep. I have had nights I punch my husband and say how dare you sleep when I cant. He will stay awake awhile and talk or get up and watch tv with me for awhile. He knows it is hard for me.

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