Caught a Cold/ Feeling Guilty Over Missing Work

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kch64, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. Have a question for you. I was doing fairly well, and caught a cold which has caused the FM to flare-up. I have missed 15 days of work.

    Do any of you find that if you catch a virus that it takes you much longer to recover than an average person? I know that this is probably a stupid question (LOL), but need the support. I've missed a lot of work this year due to FM and feel guilty about it. Isn't that crazy? I know I shouldn't feel guilty over something I can't control, but I do.

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  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Believe me, the way you are feeling is very common here. Even though we cannot blame ourselves for having FMS (and other illnesses), we still feel guilty when we cannot do everything that healthy people do.

    I am assuming you are working full-time. Has anyone said anything to you about missing time? Any comments from co-workers? I still work part-time-mornings only and not at all during the summer. I work at a small college.

    And yes, I think it does take us longer than most people to recover from sickness. I had the flu that turned into a head cold a month ago and I am now just feeling like I have pretty much recovered from it. I took three days off from work, but I would have liked to have taken off more.

    Every time I have surgery, it always throws me into a flare so the recovery time is longer. I have had three laparascopies (for endometriosis). The surgeon usually does the surgery on a Thursday and says you can go back to work on Monday. Fat chance! I learned after the first time to take off the entire week afterward.

    So don't feel that your questions or feelings are dumb. Many of us feel the same way.

  3. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    I'm a the two week mark today of bronchitus, sinusitis, double ear infections, and then my asthma flared making me go on prednisone.

    I swear I have never been this sick before and I have had these types of colds, infections, etc. for almost 30 years.

  4. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    Hello & Welcome! I also work, full time & have 0 vacation or sick days left for the year. I can attribute at least two thirds of my time off to FM (the other third goes to the kids-gotta stay home when they're sick). I feel terribly guilty any time I have to call into work for anything. Even when my kids are sick.....I can't escape the guilt. Of course, I feel guilty about a lot more than just work. Not a big fan of the "out of my control" type things in my life, although there are many.

    Take care,
  5. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    yes, I've gotten a leave restriction at work this year and have had to sign up under the Family Medical Leave Act for Leave without pay because I've used all of my time. My boss has been very patient, but I know that my supervisors are getting tired of hearing that I can't come in because of this pain and fatigue.

    I'm going to try to go back tomorrow (23 NOV) and hopefully I can get through the next several months without having to take time off.

    The stress of being sick has made me feel worse. I work full time for the federal government.
  6. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Xkathix... I'm sorry that you're so sick. You'll be in my prayers.

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  7. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    I ventured out today - felt good. I'm still coughing so much that I have now pulled muscles in my ribs. Plus when I cough this much for this long I have to start wearing Poise pads - oh the joys of being a woman!

    Thanks for your caring thoughts - Kathi
  8. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    OUCH that must hurt like crazy. How are you feeling now XKathiX?
  9. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    Thanks! I'm still coughing quite a bit - it's almost three weeks now - very depressing.

    I did venture out today with my niece to go shopping and overdid it a bit. The shots the doc gave me in my hips in conjunction with the new medication has been like a miracle on my pain!

    I'm able to go up and down my stairs like a normal person, not hand over feet crawling like I usually do. I did do too much today though and will have to pay for it but what a miracle that my pain has gotten better.

    Thanks for your support.


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