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    I tried to return to work Monday. I put in an 8 hour day and have been sick ever since. I have no option to work part-time either... I saw my pychiatrist Tuesday, whom I've been seeing for about 2 years ( pre diagnosis ) she didn't seem too supportive when I mentioned Disability, and she thinks Fibro is a pychosomatic disease ( which it might be)I make a good salary, but it will kill me to work full time, on the other hand Disability isn't going to be easy either. any thoughts ????
    Love Sue
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    I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I just returned to work after being off for 7 weeks (I had a hysterectomy). It was difficult, but I work part-time and didn't have to put in an 8 hour day. I have a few questions for you. First, why is part-time work not an option for you? Have you investigated that possibility? Second question, how dependent are you upon this psychiatrist? The reason I ask is because FMS is definitely an illness and for your doctor to think otherwise puts you at a distinct disadvantage. How can she help you if she thinks your illness isn't real? If you were diagnosed, why doesn't she believe you? I think these are things you need to think about seriously. Are you seeing a rheumatologist or a pain specialist? Perhaps you should consider finding another doctor. I don't mean to sound harsh, but as I said, this doctor is not very supportive of you and that is what you need at this time.

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    Hi Sue~~Up until 1993, I had a high paying job which I loved with great benefits. However, because of my FM/CFS, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and severe asthma & allergies it got to the point I just could not do it any more. I had no quality of life. I would go home from work every evening totally exhausted and go straight to bed. By Friday after work, I was so spent that I felt sick with exhaustion--too tired to sleep. And, I spent the entire 2 days of the weekend in bed just so I could get up Monday morning and do 5 days again. Then came the day I couldn't get out of bed period. So, I resigned and took a part-time job working 3 days a week with a tremendous cut in pay, change of lifestyle, and NO benefits, NO insurance. But, it put Time in my life to rest, to heal, relax, and get back on my feet. I have worked in the same part-time job now for 10 years.

    I guess the question is--what is your health worth to you? If you can't put in one full day without crashing--then your body is telling you something important. Are you listening to it?

    I stayed too long in my full time job, and I have payed the price ever since. My body kept talking to me, showing me--but I hated to leave the good pay and benefits. Only you can determine how you feel and what it's worth to you. The change in jobs was a huge adjustment to my life and lifestyle, but I believe it saved me from more long-term damage. I only wish I had gotten out sooner--maybe I wouldn't be having the problems I am now.

    Do what is best for you...and find a way to be at peace with your decision. Best Wishes, Carol....

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    Sue--I agree with both posts above.
    I really think it would benefit you to see a doctor, who believes in your diagnosis, and treats you as a patient who suffers from a chronic, and disabling disorder. If this Dr. denies the very existence of many of your REAL problems in life, treatment for them would not be forthcoming.

    Also, as Cat said--how much do you value your health?
    You said part-time is not an option, but if you keep pushing yourself full-time, you might find that working ANY hours is impossible. That would be a far worse scenario than part time work. Can you keep the essentials in your life, and lower your cost of living, so that part time may be feasible?

    Our bodies warn us when we are overdoing. When we keep pushing beyond--they simply pull the rug out from under our feet---and won't allow us to go at all. If you are determined to work full time, I would certainly remove any and all other stressors and activities that require your energies. This is very risky business, though. I kept pushing inspite of the warnings, and ended up bedridden for months on end, in excruciating pain.

    Best Wishes, LL