Caught on camera, Hangininthere you'll like this one

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    I just had a kodak moment today in Target! Uhhg!

    My hubby dropped me off at the door while he went to park, and i had to go potty.

    They were waiting for me outside of the restroom area, (hubby and my boys) right where the security cameras are.

    My oldest son points at me and starts cracking up, i turn around behind me to see what's so funny, only to discover it was me!!!

    I was dragging a very, very long piece of toilet paper from the bottom of my shoe down the hall!!!! All caught on the security camera.

    My family was howling at me, and people were looking!!


    Like the guy on the christian radio says, "lighten up and live" LOL

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    It's so thoughtful of you to provide these comic moments for your family!

    And thanks for the laugh!

    Hangin' hasn't been posting much in quite a while. She's grown much weaker. Last year she was able to walk to the stores close to her house, but now she uses the wheelchair for all shopping.

    When she does have the energy to pop on here, it's great.

    It's REALLY been quiet here the past few days - like NOBODY's here.

    It will pick up again.

    And we're always praying, even when we can't post.

    It's great to hear your stories again - and poems.