"cause" and "treatment" for cfs

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    I'm a physician that came down with cfs in 2006. I've done extensive research on this. Unfortunately, as a medical community, we still don't know the exact cause and treatment of this devastated syndrome.

    The main factor with this syndrome is hypersensitivity of the brain (feeling wired and subsequent fatigue). The brain needs to be "calmed" down. Therefore, the treatment needs to base on this concept. Dr. Paul Cheney, a well-known physician to all cfs sufferers, was the first to recognize this. The medicine that is best to accomplish this is benzodiazepine. Dr. Cheney recommends Klonopin. I take sustained released alprazolam (Zanax). The dosage varies depending on the severity of the illness.

    I realize that benzodiazepines are considered as potentially addictive and therefore portray as a "stay away" medicine, especially by physicians. This is very unfortunate - Do we consider anticonvulsant medicine as addictive for patients with seizures or insulin as addictive for diabetics? Based on my own experience, this class of medicine, saved me. It doesn't cure the illness. But it helps me to be functional. As I gradually improve through the years, I'm actually able to taper the dose (so much for being addictive). Hopefully, some day I won't need it at all. But for now, until there's a cure, this is most effective.

    I hope that you can find a physician in your area that's willing to do this. You may have to print the article from Dr. Paul Cheney to help convince your doctor - http://www.dfwcfids.org/medical/cheney.html.

    I will share more with my experience periodically.

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