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    My 32 year old daughter evidently is mildly anorexic. She is 5'9" and a size 4 but is having a hard time getting her jeans buttoned and it's worrying her. See, she just had a baby girl. She started walking in the mall every single morning carrying the girl in a papoose. She had been coughing for weeks and , of all things, was mis-diagnosed by a GP. She went for a pap and her wonderful gyn ordered a chest x-ray: pneumonia. She is a Nurse! She said to lose weight she stopped all meat and she got run down since she has the perfectly kept house, immaculate 4 yr old son, etc.
    Then she denied anorexia to me. I admit she looks great; not bony or anything and her clothes look incredibly elegant on her. I had been told she'd hurt her health but didn't believe it. Now I know I was wrong. She was ordered to her bed for 3 days. Her dad and I never put any pressure whatsoever on her to be anything but average. Aster