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    Jaminhealth has posted a ton of information on Grape Seed Extract benefits, that's what got me started taking it. Thanks Jam! I kept seeing it in posts so I read up on it. There are a lot of benefits to taking it. It's just amazing!

    I know there are several people on here who take it. Just put in Grape Seed Extract in the search bar on the top of the page or you can google it.

    I started taking it last week and my water retention is way down. I actually have ankles again!! I have high blood pressure and water retention is a dangerous thing with that illness. I also started taking Cinnamon Capsules and I went back to my Probiotic Acidophilus. The Acidophilus helped my IBS tremendously before and then I got lazy about taking it.

    Grape Seed Extract increases the clotting time of your blood which is great for your heart as it thins your blood and reduces possible clots. Meaning - it takes longer for your blood to clot.

    Now the caution note...if you are going to have surgery it can cause bleeding for the same reason. You may have to decrease the dose or stop taking the extract altogether.

    I'm having knee surgery on Tuesday and the doctor and nurse both told me to stop taking it until after the surgery. I take medication for my high blood pressure and the combination allows my blood to flow quite easily.


    I carry a list of all my medications and supplements in my purse alongside my "emergency contacts" list. You never know when you might need that list. I also give updated lists to my doctors when my medications & supplements change.

    Supplements are great and they have a lot of benefits but they are "medicine" for our bodies. If you take supplements, you need to know all the information about each one. For example, if you take Grape Seed Extract and you take Ginseng, they both increase the time it takes for your blood to clot. So you'd be getting double the effect which could pose a problem if you had a severe cut.

    Also, they can interact with medications you take, so be sure to check with your pharmacist.

    Be sure you let your doctors know everything you take, even if you take a baby aspirin a day for your heart as I do.

    I just found out about this today and wanted to pass it along. This is not a slam on supplements. I take several natural supplements in addition to my prescribed medicines.

    Take Care,


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    Just bumping so someone else can use the info.
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    jam, are talking about energy healing type of stuff? How does using a pendulum work? I have a friend that does energy healing using magnets on the bottoms of her feet. I've always been interested but have never tried it before.
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    Hi Greta

    Two anaesthetists and a GP were so blase about the efficacy of herbs and supps they told me that they would make no difference. This illustrates why we have to do our own homework.

    A sibling is a hospital based pharmacist and she has been compiling a list of alternatives that may interact with Rx meds and present a risk surgery-wise.

    She actually told me some of my supps could be taken until 48 hours before surgery whereas the general advice seems to be one week. She felt I should continue to take my minerals until 12 hours before surgery because during prior surgery there were cardiac issues related to my electrolyte levels.

    The one week advice is playing safe and I would not want to persuade anyone otherwise unless they were sure about what they were doing. Any supps or herbs that thin the blood should be avoided for 48 hours after surgery; then if there's no indications of abnormal bleeding or bruising can be restarted.

    I have a coagulopathy and low platlets. I had no bleeding issues thanks to the benefits from taking alternatives which levelled out my fibrin and platelet ratios.

    tc, Tansy

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