Caution with Medicinal Mushrooms and Isoprinosine

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sceptical, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Sceptical

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    I have tried both.

    They both stimulate and thereby interfere with sleep. Medicinal mushrooms (shitake, reishi, cordyceps, etc) might cause in addition to that appetite suppression, extreme light sensitivity, palpitation, rash which might be very unpleasant. Isoprinosine undergoes extensive metabolism and exacerbates anxiety because it touches upon ATP production.

    The upshot is that they are cool only for those of you who are very calm and sleep very well.
  2. kat0465

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    thanks for the info on those Adam, i was about to try cordyceps. i am not calm
    and haven't slept well in years.

    guess that Miracle cure will have to wait a little longer;(

  3. kat0465

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    thats so true! i nearly killed my Kidneys taking way too many supps. i was already taking a lot of things, and then decided to add a really strong Parasite Cleanse.

    My Kidney function went really south, scared the he** outta me and the Urologist. i stopped everything and the kidney function went back to normal, i was Lucky i figured out what it was before i did any Permanent damage.

  4. Sceptical

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    This was just a friendly reminder that you should not be jealous of us bc Isoprinosine is cheap and available in Europe. Isoprinosine has a pronounced stimulating effect which does nor wear off within weeks !! I consider sleep as the only effective, natural remedy and therefore do not recommend it for anyone who is suffering from anxiety and/or insomnia.

    Medicinal mushrooms have the same effect. Dr. Nancy Klimas recommended Immpower. Just read the comments ! Patients praised its stimulating effect which had appeared within 3 days. I should have though that this does not mean anything good. No drug can exert any effect within 3 days, consequently this was pure stimulation. My case have just provided another example. In addition, medicinal mushrooms exert other, unfavorable effects as well (they lower blood pressure, cause swollen legs, extreme light sensitivity (lasting skin irritation and bleeding after driving a car for 20 minutes)...

    We have to wait for an effective antiviral treatment I am afraid.... Maribavir for herpes failed during Phase II. clinical trials. I can just hope that Dr. Klimas referred to something else when she referred to a new anti-herpes drug as the best possilble treatment in the future.

  5. greatgran

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    Same as Kat, was about to order but I am certainly not calm.... and my sleep, well what is that..

    Kat, I am not going to try them either, but the friend I posted about is still like a different person.. But she doesn't have anxiety etc...Maybe that is one reason I can't seem to get well I to darn afraid to try things.