CBD oil, magnesium spray, 'starter packs', capsaicin cream, TENS, ultrasound

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    There are a few things for you! :)

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    What do you mean by starter pack?
  3. Alyssa-Admin

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    Things like stuff everyone should be taking to at least getting a few main issues for each illness...

    Ie. For FM, supplements to support sleep, increase mental awareness and reduce pain or select items from a list that are the main issues you experience

    Starter packs would be suggested and see how the person is doing (follow up call/email) after 3 weeks to find out how they are doing, does anything need to be more personalised at that stage... And... If they are using the ProHealth app before starting their regime, and then a month later look at the reports (via the app (free) they will be able to see their progress. The thing is... There's actually so many products, I'm thinking people like me (difficulty sometimes taking it all in, I end up not getting what I really needed or would like. Look at it as going to a new, upscale Chinese restaurant where you're not sure of where to start with the menu...Then you dip your tor into :menu B for 2 '... It must be good because they recommended it...

    It also avoids people spending hard earned cash on products that most likely would have little to know effect on them.

    I have a whole idea based around this... Got something up me sleeve,!

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