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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KingNeptune11, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. KingNeptune11

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    The CBS evening news with Katie Couric just did a story on the food safety of products shipped in from China......Including the recent scare of pet food causing deaths and sickness in animals across the US......Go to CBSnews dot com and click on FYI for the full story......

    They went on to say that China and India lead the list of countries whose products we turn away at the shipping yards.......Due to contamination, filth and other sub-standard reasons........They went on to say that only 1 percent of all shipments to the US ports are even inspected......Yes, 1 percent!!!! Therefore, be very careful and read product labels at the store to see where your food is coming from......Unfortunately, they also ship "ingredients" to US companies, which then put the ingredients in US made products, such as "wheat gluten", which is in about everything and you dont know where it came from..........This is dangerous stuff everyone, just another reason to eat a raw/no label diet........

    I realize I am the "Fox Mulder" on this board, but I just want to tell you guys that I have read many places that the supposed "wheat gluten" in animal food has probably also slipped into the human food supply in this country......Its a no-brainer really, if you consider the odds........Just want to warn everyone to be very careful what you eat, with our immune systems, we are targets for adverse health reactions.......Dont count on our government to warn us either, they will never tell you the whole truth of what is in our food supply........Just my opinion.......John
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    apparently Canada doesn't reject it? since the contaminated food was processed there.

    Also I had heard the contamination may have been in swine feed
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    Well, I was taught by my grandmother to pray over everything that we consume cause you really don't know what has happened to the food/drink before it got to you.Sad but true,eating has become dangerous and could be hazardess to your health.
  4. KingNeptune11

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    Politics, politics, politics........I am neither Republican nor Democratic, I hate all politicians equally, and the lobbyists and the "big government" that is only getting bigger......The government actually pays farmers to not grow crops and raise animals so we can import them from foreign countries, as per the "Free Trade Agreement" that Clinton signed in '96, I believe, and is perpetuated by our lovely government since then........Its all about profit for big business, if you want a simple explanation......Its always about money in this country.....LOL

    I read somewhere that 50-70 percent of all grain that is grown in the US is used to feed the livestock (meat industry) in this country........So in a nutshell, we raise "potentially healthy food", feed it to the animals, and then we eat the animals.......Doesnt make much sense......If humans need so much animal protein to be healthy, then why do the cows, pigs, chickens and such eat grains????? There is a huge protein myth in this country and the meat industry "lobby" determines the food pyramid........I have not eaten meat in over 2 years and I have never felt better......Nor have I consumed eggs, milk or any other animal products.......Yet, I look great and feel the best I ever have since coming down with CFS.......
  5. annaleeb

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    for posting this, it is pretty scary, I myself have kept up on this story, and am very cautious. I won't give my dogs food that I wouldnt eat myself either, is very expensive for 7 dogs, but worth it for their health.
    Thanks again for this thread.
  6. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    What is the "Fox Mulder" reference?


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