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    Several years ago, my CD-57 levels were below range, don't remember just what they were. Years later, when mentioning this to my PCP, he said CD-57 could be low for other reasons. Didn't say what those reasons were. But,,I had read that low CD-57 levels could be indicative of Lyme disease.

    On, page 8 of Advanced Topics of Lyme ( it states "It can even be
    used as a simple, inexpensive screening test, because at this point we believe that only Borrelia will depress
    the CD-57."

    Does anyone know of any reason, other than Lyme Borrelia, to explain low CD-57 levels?

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    I do not know what other illnesses may lower the CD 57. Not everyone with Lyme has a low CD 57, but many do.
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    I have never run across another condition causing low CD 57 count in the past 4 years. I do know that mine was 30 and I felt like garbage. Then it went up to 70 and I felt better. Now it's 102 and I feel great. My doc would like to see 120+.
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    I can't find anything searching online to explain low CD-57 levels. Munch, would you meet me in Lyme Chatroom so I can ask some questions? I'll be around until Noon today, then probably not back on until much later.
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    I'm in the same state of confusion as you about this. They say that Borrelia Burgdorferi is the only thing that can lower CD-57 levels, but this test can not be used as a failsafe diagnostic tool. If that ain't a mixed message, I don't know what is. Either it's the only thing that can depress the level, or it's not. To me, it's a black and white issue, but they're making it a gray area. I guess that means that they're really not sure.
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    A couple weeks ago, I went to a viewing of the Lyme Documentary "Under Our Skin". Dr. B from New York was there for question and answer session afterwards. We submitted questions on paper, during the movie. I asked if anything other than Lyme would lower CD57 levels, and he commented NO, nothing else will lower CD57. So there we have it, straight from a LLMD mouth.

    He also gave another test that was pretty accurate for diagnosing and for monitoring treatment progress but can't think of what it was. I have some notes I took and will look for it in a day or two.