CD57 NK - Can it detect chronic Lyme?

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  1. Elisa

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    Hi All,

    I have been reading with fasination about the test CD57 (of the NK cells) - as a test recommended by Lyme experts that helps identify whether someone is chronically infected...

    I have had CFS/FM/ME for 14 yrs or so - no progress on cause and have had a fever for over 2 yrs.

    Has anyone here had the test? Do you feel it is reliable - meaning if norms have a 60-200 result and those with Lyme under 60 and often 30 of less.

    The web has lots on this test - as an identifier of those chronically infected AND re-taking it allows those to know wherether their treatment is working (i.e., the test results/score goes up or gets closer to the norm).

    Good Overview as to what it is:

    Here's the link to the research supporting it:

    Like most things I have read it is controversial - but I don't know why? It seems specific to Lyme and HIV (meaning low non-normal results of the CD57 subset of NK lymphocytes).


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  2. jess

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    Hi Elisa, I had this test. Mine was very low at 21. Drs. have different opinions about this test. There are some people who have Lyme and have a low level but feel pretty good. Then there are some with Lyme who feel awful but have a normal level. Also, cd-57 levels usually go up sometime after treatment and one is healed. My Dr. says it can indicate chronic Lyme but basically it is a measure of how your immune system is functioning.
    I have read that people with GI problems can also have a low cd-57 so it doesn't seem to be only for chronic Lyme. Jess
  3. Nanie46

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    I have not had a CD 57 done and I have lyme. My LLMD said mine would probably be about 60 because I am functional.

    He said it has been his experience that the people with really low CD 57's are more disabled.

    I'm sure there are exceptions.

    Here is a link to an article....

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