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  1. jess

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    Hi all, I usually post on cfs/fibro board but now I'm not sure. My cd-57 test from Lab corp was 48. does that mean I have Lyme? I will probably take the ignex test or should I take the Central florida Test? I'm really confused. Also, some Dr.s don't put too much stock on the cd-57. lMine shouldn't be a 48 then if I don't have Lyme. Help, Jess
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    I think the igenex test may be better than the florida lab test. Not sure though.

    I don't know about he lab corp CD 57. My dr uses quest and thinks they are a good tool for treatment. The numbers for quest are different than lab corp. they are much lower.

  3. Daisys

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    My LLMD has been trying to get a diagnosis of lyme for me, and the western blot tests have come back negative (20% of those with lyme do get a false negative).

    I have all the symptoms and responded to a course of doxycycline.

    Then my cd57 came back at 50. That settled it for him, and he's treating me for lyme disease. As far as anyone can say at this time, lyme is the only thing that will suppress that particular white blood cell.
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    I am IGM positive on igenex but my CD57 came back at 90. So I dont know what that means exactly. I dont understand why after 11 years it is not lower and why my IGM is is all so confusing.
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    Hi suz9601,

    I'm just starting to look into having the CD57 test run and I came across this that I thought might explain your situation:

    Just to ensure that nothing is ever cut-and-dried with Lyme,
    most patients who are in a Lyme relapse (flare) will have a
    very low NK cell count, while those who are feeling somewhat
    better will have normal-high NK counts.

    I got this from this website:

    I don't know if this is relevant to you or not, but thought I'd post it in case it might be helpful.

    Take care.
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    Just as feedback..

    I was IGM + with the Igenex Test and my CD57 was at 21!

    That is really low so my LLMD diagnosed me with Lyme with confidense.

    After being on Zithromax for about 3 months the CD57 has come up to 32! Yay. The Doc office said that's a nice big jump so obviously the ABX is working and I'm continuing on it for now.

    Hope this helps.

  7. suz9601

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    Thanks for the info, I will check it out
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    Hi, thank you all for you great responses. It is much appreciated. I just want to add that on the CFIDS board someone wrote about a conference her Dr. went to. He told her that now anything under 100 on the CD-57 is considered low. Also, I read some Dr. believes that even if only one band shows antibodies on the Igenex then you have Lyme. There are just so many different opinions about Lyme. Monday I am having the Igenex. Jess
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    Hi Jess,
    Can I ask what message board you saw the post about the CD57 normal level is above 100, or do you know where her doc was from? My dr. just told me the same thing, and I'm thinking her dr is the same as mine because I've asked people who regularly go to the conferences and they have never heard of the "new" normal being 100. I also haven't been able to find any information to back his statement up. This along with other statements he has made is making me wonder if he is a quack. Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi, the only thing I remember is I saw it on the cfids/fibro board. sorry but right now I can't remember the name of the person but you could put a search in for cd-57. It might show up on the board. If I remember I will post. Jess