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    HI, is this still controversial or definitive? I mean does a low score definitely mean Lyme. I have found different opinions. That is some Dr.s don't use it at all because of inconsistencies. I believe Dr. Stricker has said it does not necessarily mean Lyme. Of course, I could be wrong about this. Anyhow, 2 of My Dr.s LLMD and Rheumy both said that there are benign spirochetes in people's mouths that could cause band 41 to be positive. Also, Dr. B has said that EBV can cross react with band 41 and show positive. Ignex says this too. The reason I am looking for info is because I can't seem to get a LYme diagnosis. Thanks, Jess
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    as you said, many LLMDs don't feel there's enough evidence to support using it, while others do use it as at least a partial tool to hopefully monitor how well (or not) their pts are responding to treatment... I'm not sure there's been enough research 1 way or the other at this point unfortunately.

    Bottom line is to try several trial doses of abx for the most common infections transmitted by ticks etc......... as there's lots beside lyme.

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    I'm in the same boat, saw LLMD once and still no diagnosis. He said it's 50/50 chance I have Lyme and I was surprised to not get the dx with all my symptoms. He put me on 30 days abx and I also took another Igenex test during the 1st week, the urine dot blot, aka urine antigen (I think).

    Basically, the test tries to detect pieces of dead spirochetes in urine, killed by the abx.

    PJ, I wish I were seeing your LLMD. Mine doesn't seem to believe that band 41 MUST be one of those 3 things. I started to ask him about this, and got sidetracked and forgot to get a straight answer from him.

    My IgM 41 was IND
    IgG 41 was ++

    Maybe he also believes that EBV can cause band 41 to show positive.

    I haven't done the CD57, but he probably doesn't put much stock in the results...

    I know, it's so fun being in limbo.

    Take care!