CDC Awareness Campaign Hate to be Critical...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Juloo, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Okay, actually I'm very good at being critical....

    I remembered I'd read that the CDC had delayed the start of their public awareness campaign until the first week in November, so I went to the ProHealth Home to re-read the blurb to double-check the date.

    The campaign title finally sank in...The "Get Informed. Get Diagnosed. Get Help” Awareness Campaign.

    Excuse me, but what the heck is the CDC talking about? Get diagnosed? Get HELP!? I'm not so sure that there's not a VERY BIG disconnect between that rosey statement and the reality that most of us live with.

    I guess I can reserve my comments until they've had a chance to speak, but wouldn't this campaign be better aimed at the medical profession first? Who is going to inform? Diagnose? HELP?

    It has taken me YEARS to actually move through those three short, blithe, sentences. I can't help but be just a bit skeptical. (Drug Problem? Just say NO!) In nearly 9 years, I have found a handful (you don't even have to count the thumb) of care givers (not all MDs) that had any clue about this stuff. I'm with the FFC now, and I'm lucky to have found a local nurse practitioner *open minded* enough to even work with me as my primary care person while I do that. She "wishes she knew more".

    Somehow this campaign seems like it started on the wrong end of the horse.

    Okay, being calm...waiting to hear in the CDC's own words....
  2. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    You're right, that's an absurd title. Why would they focus on educating patients? We're the most informed of all. They need to educate a) doctors and b) the general public. But we should wait to see the full content of the campaign before really reacting... hopefully there is some component for health care workers...

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