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    Hillary Johnson, author of Ostler's Web, has an interesting new blog post titled "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (with apologies to Sen. Al Franken". It covers CFS and psychiatry among other things. It is a serious commentary on some important subjects.

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    and it was disturbing. It seems as though the CDC does not want to admit it was wrong or it is trying to keep something hidden. Or,the psyschology group wants to keep the business.

    What the psychs have not figured out is that people with this disease could become depressed. If they had this life altering fatigue, it might bring them down,too. It seems like this is where the waters get muddy; which came first, the disease, then some depression, or depression and then the disease. We all know the answer, but the powers that be do not or choose to not get it.

    I was disturbed for awhile after reading this and decided to let it go. I cannot put too much energy in trying to make people understand. It does bother me when I think about it, but I will keep sending my little donation to WPI or somewhere where they are really trying to figure this out.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    Yes, thanks for sharing this link with us, Roy!
    I'm always interested in what Hillary has to say.

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    That's a relatively long blog entry......I was unable to get through it.......Would someone be able to give a synopsis of it....I mean does the CDC currently believe that ME/CFS is pyschosomatic???

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    It sounds like Heim is confusing post traumatic stress disorder with ME/CFS. She also seems to be stuck in an archaic way of thinking and researching....Like for example MS was initially diagnosed as hysterical mania by other Freud devotees....
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    You've got it swedeboy. The CDC does now and has always "believed" and basically stated that ME/CFS is pyschosomatic and that is the summary of Hillary's editorial.
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    WOW!!!! If that's true then that's horrible:((
    it's so archaic.

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    I know. That's why Hillary is so upset. As are all of us.

    Believe me, the CDC knows exactly what it is doing. They're not really deluded. They're pretending to be. They probably get a lot of money from Psychiatry and Insurance Companies. Long-Term Disability Insurance only has to pay out for 2 years if their client has a psychiatric disorder. If they are truly physically too ill to work they have to pay until the client reaches age 65.

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    I suggest also reading the comments on Hillary's blog. There are some people with experience in advocacy commenting there. Here's mine:


    I share your feelings of outrage, especially after reading that editorial.

    The CFIDS Association has announced that they have switched to another lobbying firm. I hope Tom Sheridan is not used as a scapegoat for all the failures in lobbying for CFS. I got to know him well enough to trust his professional ethics. He would do what his clients wanted him to do, even if he thought it was the wrong thing to do. That happened early on in CFS lobbying after the CFIDS Association took over.

    The CFIDS Association has been in control of CFS lobbying for a very long time, and Kim McCleary has been in control of the CFIDS Association. Good or bad, right or wrong, it's Kim's responsibility.

    I note with additional dismay that Kim has used the 4 million prevalence figure from the newly bastardized CDC CFS definition, and that it is now used on the CFIDS Association web site.

    - Roy S

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    Cort Johnson started a discussion about Hillary's blog on his site. If you get past the initial hyperbole and into the comments section, I think the discussion gets better as it goes along. I wish this didn't have to be a difficult subject, but this concerns all of us.

  13. jasminetee

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    illroy, I like your name, I keep thinking of Killroy- lol.

    Thanks for posting that link. It's good to hear everyone's sides. I appreciate that, then I can make a more informed decision about what's going on.


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