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    I have a friend who is a vet. We met in a support group for me/cfs. He also has ptsd. I give him a lot of info much of it from the mb because he is to brain fogged to deal with the computor. I also shared the info for the focus lab work given to me by Stanford. He had the testing done (at his own expense because the v.a. would not) and his hhv6, cmv, and ebv were off the chart. When he took it into his v.a. doc, the doctor said I believe that you do have this illness but the v.a. won't. When I listened to Gordon Broderick, cfids grant recipient and associate professor with the Dept. of Medicine at the University of Alberta Canadas radio address he said " if your a vet your 10 times more likely to get me/cfs". So what's going on here and how do we correct it? The cdc and nih recognize it (at long last).
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    The VA is screwed up, just like my son has blown out both knees and still the army does nothing will not be promoted because of physical ability, yet they want to do the stop loss or back door draft and send him back to Afghanistan for another year in January.
    Yeah they are coming out of Iraq Thank God, yet they are all going to Afghanistan.
    He was in special ops when this happen with his knees so needless to say he is not in special ops anymore. Nervous is not the word for him and all of them. Even the children what do they think after these mutiple deployments. They are wanting to do something to there insurance. Yet Michelle Obama sends a greeting to the military she will be there voice in the White House, where is it have not heard it.
    Bush sent thim but he took care of them!!!!
    The VA should be ready for all these people
    None of us would be sitting here today free as a bird if it werent for our Military! How soon we forget in bad economic times we tend to think of our own problems. All I know is we dont need another 9/11 people

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