CDC spin again? Lyme in the SE

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    They stated on their pages that dog ticks and lonestar ticks could transmit Lyme...
    now this info is suddenly gone after someone called them up to ask questions, even tho it's been officially reviewed regularly.

    Their claim now is these have never cultured for the Lyme spirochete. Well, guess what - the syphilis spirochete has never been cultured... and there is no doubt as to its existence and probability.

    by the way, some lizards can transmit it as well.
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    Hi Victoria:

    Interesting info! But to remove it from their website -- that's "dirty tricks" but I am not surprised anymore.

    We know the CDC has never acknowledged the cases of spirochete based illness in the Midwest. Their ruling was because the two illnesses are not caused by the same strain of Borrelia burgdorferi. The one on the east coast is Bb and in the Midwest and South it's Borrelia Mastersii. Dr Ed Masters had a very long struggle with the CDC trying to prove there was a "Lyme like" illness in the Ozarks.

    I was just reading Kelly the Kitchen Kops blog the other day. She cited a FDA document where it was allowable to add propylene glycol (anti-freeze) to commercial ice cream so it gets spooned out of the container easily. By the time she published this on her blog someone went back in and changed the info on the link she posted. Luckily, the second link she used also contained the info.

    I guess the moral of this story is to copy files into .PDF type documents that can't be altered and save them as proof when citing a reference of any kind. Good old CYA.
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    I remember the CDC telling Masters he hadn't proven anything... he reminded them it was their job to research stuff when notified of mysterious clinical findings, even tho he put together really good cohorts of people. They haven't really "diagnosed" any new disease that is actually serious I think since HIV/AIDS. They'd rather play up the not so serious ones like WNV.

    Also TG for the ease of recording/making movies these days, relatively speaking... documentaries like "Under Our Skin" are life-changing and eye-opening.
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    Q: How many CDC scientists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: "The light's not out; You only think it's dark."