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  1. findmind

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    Has anyone been able to look up the 14 papers the CDC said were written because of the study they just did ( 4/20/06

    April issue of Pharmacogenomics, published by Future Medicine...

    I can't find them anywhere...
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    It seems you have to be a subscriber or pay by the article to read them. CFIDS Assn has a link to read them but it says its unavailable and its on the journals website so I'm sure you have to pay. Let us know if you find out any other way of accessing them. AMY
  3. findmind

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    What website do you have to pay for them? CDC or Pharmacogenomics? or is it Future Medicine, publisher of Pharmacogenomics...I can't find them!

  4. amymb74

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    New CFS Research from the CDC Merits Director's Help to Attract Press

    Advocacy Alert: 04/20/2006

    Special Report

    A special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Pharmacogenomics features 14 papers about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The series of reports is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's CFS Computational Challenge (referred to as C3), a unique effort to bring diverse perspectives to the analysis of a huge data set based on numerous evaluations of 227 CFS patients and controls. Twenty researchers applied cutting edge techniques in medicine, genomics, engineering, computer science, physics and other disciplines. They link CFS to high allostatic load and genes related to the glucocortocoid receptor and sympathetic nervous system activity.

    CDC plans an April 20 press event to draw attention to the Challenge, the findings and the new insights into CFS gained through the effort. CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding, along with principal investigator for CFS research Dr. William Reeves and C3 innovator Dr. Suzanne Vernon, are scheduled to be available to media.

    The CFIDS Association of America participated in the planning for C3 and co-sponsored the September 2005 meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where the four teams presented their preliminary findings.

    To view the CFIDS Association's press release visit
    A brief report on the September meeting (from the October 2005 issue of CFIDSLink) is available at
    To view the CDC's press release, visit
    For additional information about the CFS Computational Challenge, including a list of participants, visit
    For a list of articles in the April issue of Pharmacogenomics visit

    K. Kimberly McCleary
    President & CEO
    The CFIDS Association of America

  5. upnorth

    upnorth New Member is a great site to get research info. I don't know how they get it, but they have lots of the articles there under their research section.

    hope this helps.
  6. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou all!!!

    Geez, you're great, or what....

    Off to look them up...

    I LooooooovE yOU


    p.s. fight4cure: They don't really want "public" to read...might get criticism..CDC probably got 2.2 million calls...1.2 mill from US, and 1 mill from our families, LOL!

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