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    Hi all, I just read the book "Cure Unknown" and was wondering if anyone has tried Dr. B.s protocol? The author followed it and was completely cured after maybe 8 or 10 years of trying different antibiotics. Dr. B cured himself using this. They took Ceftin for about 3 months and then went off to let the symptoms come on strong for a little while. Then they took Ceftin again for 3 months and let the symptoms come back. The third time with Ceftin did the trick. After this, the symptoms never came back. I suppose this doesn't work for everyone but has anyone tried this? I still have no treatment because my Dr. wants my mercury fillings removed which I am having done the end of the month. I am awfully tired of waiting for treatment. Thanks, Jess
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    it seems to depend a lot on which type of Bb you have, as well as what other infections are (likely) co-infecting you.

    As if it wasn't hard enough to get it dx'd... different types per areas of the country appear to respond differently to the abx.

    Even Steven Buhner in his herbal protocol book talked about teasel tea helping people in one area of the country with dealing with herxes, while in another area it made herxes worse!

    Hate to add to the confusion... but that's why it'd good to find an LLMD who treats people from your area (even if the LLMD may be elsewhere, almost all are seeing pts from all over the country).

    good luck, Jess. How long is it going to take to get the fillings removed?

    all the best,