Celebrate 4th/July --Don't lose freedom to buy OTC supplements!!

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    Celebrate 4th/July --Don't lose freedom to buy OTC supplements!!
    Senate bill S. 722 is going to be voted on in the next 2 weeks - if it's passed it will expand the FDAs powers over dietary supplements and could very well limit our right to buy vitamins, herbs, etc. over the counter (OTC)!

    There is a website connected to NNFA, National Nutritional Foods Assoc.,that I posted about, and Aeryn said it was easy to use. Here's what she said:

    "I 'googled' National Nutritional Foods Association and found their web page right away. On their home page on the right hand side there is an advocacy action button. I clicked it and I was brought right to the action alert for Bill S. 722. I just put in my zip code, etc... and the letters to my senators were off... I had no idea (this) was happening, and I am a news reader!"

    Some countries have already had their rights taken away from them. Think about how it would likely drive up our costs! You could end up having to go to a doctor to beg for a prescription for each supplement that was anything more than the RDA.

    And don't feel like you don't count! It's been said that every letter received by a politician represents 40+ other like-minded voters!

    Please celebrate the 4th of July by helping keep our freedoms intact in this great nation !

    Thanks All!

    PS: Send this to everyone you know!