celebrex? and vent...ish. =]

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  1. dani78xo

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    is anybody on celebrex for pain?
    i went back to my rheum. today because
    my insurance company is now refusing to cover lunesta
    UNTIL i try two other sleeping meds that fail.

    so my rheum gave me a script for ambien today...
    it really confused me,
    because before i started seeing my rheum,
    i wasn't getting barely any sleep,
    so i was taking my moms ambien occasionally...
    just so i could stay asleep until 3 int he morning.
    but he told me he never wanted me to go on ambien
    because ambien was dangerous for someone my age.
    and now he's putting me on it,
    though i think only so the insurance company will give me lunesta.
    jeez! confusing sometimes.
    i really hated the ambien though.
    it made me feel sick, and i hallucinated so much more
    than on lunesta.

    but i talked to him about my knee pain,
    because they've been so horrible.
    and he gave me celebrex...
    so, does anyone take this?
    and if you do, did it cause any bad side effects?
    i'm just really tired of getting sick from all these meds.

  2. backporchrags

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    She has been on it for a few years now and it helps her arthritis. I tried it and it did nothing for my FMS pain.
    I take one of the oldest sleep aids out there. Elavil. I have taken it for 15 years or so. It is non addictive and very inexpensive.
    Elavil puts me into the non REM sleep my body does not go into naturally. I get restive, non dreaming sleep on Elavil.
    Weight gain is an issue but I have figured a way around it. I was taking it per docs orders, 2 hours before bed time. An hour later the cravings would hit. Eating gave me a high and I gained a lot of weight.
    Now I take it right before bed and I wake rested with no cravings.
    Not all meds are for everyone. I know some people here tried Elavil and had dizzy spells. But for me it works.
  3. Gly

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    is one of the drugs I take that I tolerate well with no side effects that I know of. My doctor takes it himself for his tendonitis. He says he really likes Celebrex.

    I take Zopiclone for sleep. It is similar to Lunesta but has been around for a long time.