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    Happy New Year everyone! It has been along time since I posted but I read almost daily. I really find so much information from everyones experiences and stories. What brave, caring, and inspiring individuals!!! I was recently given some samples of celebrex but have been leery of taking them ( my mom took vioxx and had a heartattack same year} I dont know if the celebrex will be helpful but my pain is way high and my pain meds do not help for more than 3 hrs. Does anyone take celebrex and then stronger (opiates) for breakthrough pain? I have also been given the choice of trying morphine 90mg 1x a day but just the word seems so hardcore. I have had FM for over 12 years and was just recently diagnosed with Brachial Plexus. I have had 1 surgery in skalein? area but still have considerable pain in arm but numbness is better so Dr. thinks I am better and doesnt want to see me anymore. He said I should go back to my neck Dr. Please advise! Confused and exhausted but optimistic. Susan
    P.S. Thanks so much for listening!!
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    My husband takes this medication, he doesn't take anything else with it, he takes 200 mg daily, and he can tell the difference after a couple of days if he runs out and he doesn't take it -- pain starts in again. He has no problems with it, has been taking it for almost a year now. Good luck with it.
  3. cathugs

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    I have taken Celebrex for several years--200mg
    twice daily.I have severe osteoarthritis in all my major joints, along with FM, CFS and a host of other ailments.

    Sometimes I think the celebrex doesn't help much, but
    just let me be without a few days and my hands,especially
    my thumbs really give me a fit.

    I also take Hydrocodone for pain.I am on a lot of other meds also.But nothing ever really stops the pain.It
    just takes the edge off.

    My Dr. does a lot of lab work every four months to
    make sure none of my organs are being damaged.

    I was on BEXTRA befor they took it off the market.
    It was by far the best drug for OA. (For me.)

    I am recovering from a total knee replacement that
    was done on Nov. 27,2006. I had a total shoulder replacement
    in 1999.This healed wonderfully as well.

    Sure hope the Celebrex gives you some relief from your pain.

    Best wishes, (((((cathugs))))))

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