celeste226 topamax?

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    How many milligrams are you on? it was helping me so much for my headaches. my kidneys were killing me i did not even care about the side effects! Then i had to cut to half of 25 mg. what is that 12 and half. I dont know what was going on. I have issues with my kidneys and albumin since i was small or protein. So it doesnt seem to bother me right now at this level. Did you retain fluid when you were taking it?
    i loved it had no headaches when i tried to walk no upper neck aches or shoulders. It stabilized my moods, so water is in it helped if it wasnt for the kidney business.
    I am on wellbutrin now for about 10 or 12 years. One ultram in the morning.
    I wanted ask how many milligrams i had only worked up to 25 and it had helped that much.
    good luck
    do let me know i think that drug would have worked miracles for me, i know it help tremendously then again i dont want to lose my kidneys. understand i had kidney problems nothing serious just always had protein in urine.
    They dont know why had it since i was small.
    So how much how many milligrams have you worked up to?
    Has it helped it did for me and pain