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    Hi Kids

    Wagner's "Tannhauser" has a baritone aria to the evening star. Goes up to the E above middle C.

    And from the world of country-western, we have "You're the Only Star in my Blue Heaven". Eddy Arnold recorded it. The song writer is listed as Gene Autry. When I was ten my dad took me to St. Paul to see Gene and Champion in a wild west show. Kinda like the one where Lucy and the gang shook their bells.

    Dick Van Dyke sang "Put on a Happy Face" which tells us that "Grey clouds are gonna clear up." The song is from "Bye, Bye Birdie" which made Dick a star. Or maybe he made a show a hit. Kinda hard to tell sometimes.

    Several operettas have songs with celestial references. The Student Prince sings a "Serenade": "Overhead the moon is beaming". I think it was Nelson Eddy who sang "'Neath a Southern Moon". And yet another lunar tune: Moonbeams Shinning Soft Above.

    Back when I was a teen two singers had a hit with "Dark Moon". Bonnie Guitar
    and Gale Storm. Note that "Gale Storm" is somewhat redundant and also a reference
    to things celestial.

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    Rock, Those songs from the Student Prince are some of the most beautiful I've ever heard. Especially Overhead the Moon is Beaming.
    Were those by Sigmund Romberg?

    Gale Storm is right up there with Rip Torn.
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    "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

    "Sky Lark"

    "Blowing in the Wind"

    "Deep in the Heart of Texas" The stars at night are big and bright....

    The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you....
    "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles

    "It's Only a Paper Moon" sailing over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me.
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    Hi GB

    Yes, Sigmund Romberg wrote some great musicals, some of which were made into movies.
    And in the 50s MGM made a movie about his life. Lots of MGM stars appeared to sing his
    songs. The movie also included a dance number by Gene Kelly and his brother Fred who
    was also a dancer as well as a teacher.

    Well, here are some more celestials. I hope I didn't post them already.

    By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Banks of the Wabash (sun and "clouds above").
    Wabash Moon (sung by Kate Smith on Youtube). Running through the Raindrops.

    Here Comes the Sun. Also on Youtube with the great Kate. Maybe Soul
    posted that one. My mind no workee no more.

    You know, I used to see Gale Storm on her TV show when I was a kid. Wasn't until
    recently that I realized her name was redundant. And I never noticed Rip Torn's was.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Finally here's a dramatic song by a French composer who was a friend of Edith Piaf.
    I saw Piaf do it on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a teen. There are several
    versions on Youtube. "Hymne a L'amour" or Hymn to Love.

    If the sun should tumble from the sky
    if the sea should suddenly run dry
    if you love me, really love me
    let it happen darling, i don't care
    shall i catch a shooting star
    shall i bring it where you are
    if you want me to, i will
    you can set me any task
    i'll do anything you ask
    if you'll only love me still.

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    Rock, I saw that movie again recently about the life of Sigmund Romberg. I loved it. I've seen it several times. Jose Ferrer was really great.

    The last song you posted is really a dramatic one. I recall that melody.

    We were talking about My Little Margie on here a while back. That was the show that Gale Storm was on wasn't it? I vaugely remember her.

    So many lovely songs. I'll bet we will have covered every one ever written by the time we're through on here! :)

    Thinking about posting another game. Judy's hubby mentioned a theme that I also had been thinking about. Here's a clue, put on your traveling clothes! GB
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    I think old Jose won an Oscar for Cyrano De Bergerac. The female lead was played by Mala
    Powers. So far as I know, she never made another movie. Course I could look it up, but my
    posts take too long 'cause I'm always looking up and checking, etc.

    Saw Jose in the musical "Man of La Mancha" in the 60s. He didn't have a great singing voice
    but he did OK for a Broadway show. I read at the time that he studied voice and worked
    hard to improve. Got a big hand from the crowd, altho it was probably for the song as
    much as for the singing.

    Almost every musical I saw was far more exciting than the later movie version.

    So what are you thinking? Songs about traveling? Ways to travel? The Aticison, Topeka
    and the Santa Fe?

    Did you see Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent? She stunned the audience with her
    singing. Anyway, when Simon asked her who'd she like to be as successful as, she
    said Elaine Paige. Ms Paige does a recreation of Edith Piaf on Youtube. Very
    much as I remember the original.

    Yup, My Little Margie was played by Gale Storm. She had another TV show, but
    I don't think it was as successful. I read her bio some years back. Can't remember
    her real name but it was something I've never seen before or since. Doris Day had
    an somewhat startling one too.

    I think Gale Storm's name on her other show was Susan or Suzanne or something.
    I wonder if she played a cowgirl. Hmmm?

    With regard to traveling clothes, regular people didn't fly much till the 60s. And they
    dressed up. Same thing if they went to a stage show or the opera. But that didn't last
    very long. Comfortable clothes and jeans became the thing to wear.

    Adieu, So long, Farewell. We could do songs about Goodbyes.