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  1. cinnveet

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    My sister just lost her husband on March 6th.

    As you can understand she is upset.

    The Dr. gave her CELEXA. 20mg's. Very first side effects she feels like she is in a Fog. When she goes to bed she is sleeping very heavy where she dosnt even get up to go to the bathroom. the strangest side effect is her deotorant is not working anymore and feels she has BO. She has lost 7 pounds since March 6th with no change in eating habbits.

    Any advise that I can give her will be a great help.

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  3. SusanEU

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    I was on Celexa about 5 years ago for anxiety and depression for about 6 months, but I can't remember the dose. It worked very well to lift the depression

    I would not take it again, although I lost quite a bit of weight on it. I had horrible night sweats when I was on it and weird dreams. I didn't sleep well at all. Also, I would get bruises everywhere the whole time I was on it.

    I know everyone is different, but this is my experience.

    Sue in Ontario
  4. cinnveet

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    My sister dosnt need the med's for pain, as she has anxiety over the lost of her husband. This is what the Dr. prescribed her. I sure hope it helps her.

    I hope others like you will also reply with any type of side affects so I can update her.

    Thanks again as it is greatly appreciated.
  5. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Hi Cindy
    How is your sister doing?

    Is the Celexa helping at all?

  6. ibnormal2

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    Celexa, I took it for one month and gained 20 pounds...Then the next time I went to the doctor I was diabetic...I believe that extra 20 pounds caused the diabetes...Kathy F...

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