celexa v/s cymbalta?

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    I have been on celexa for awhile, i like it fairly well, i do okay on it, but i am at 40mgs still for more than 2 months, and i'm thinking it's not really doing so well for me now. Is 40mg the highest in celexa?

    I want my Dr to bump me up, or put me on cymbalta, i've read some posts about that, sounds good. I just really really do not need to gain more weight, im trying so hard to loose 20 lbs.No luck yet.

    So which is better for whom? I'd like to stay on celexa if it's not whats causing me to gain this weight & if 40 is not the highest dosage.

    lots of luv
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    Hi -

    The prescribing info for Celexa gives the maximum dose as 60 mg, but states that clinically, no additional improvement in symptoms was seen for patients at 60 mg versus the 40 mg dose.

    You may have the same type of problem with AD's that I have - I seem to get resistant to the one I'm on after a couple of years - then I have to change to something different.

    I tried Celexa, but it made me very agitated, which for a bipolar patient is BAD.

    I am currently taking Cymbalta 60 mg and it is working well for me. I've been taking it for around 6 months now.

    Madam Curie
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    nortryptaline & amtrim....etc... they cause weight gain
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    .... if you had another post on this or if someone else did. Anyway, I responded to that one. lol

    Short version: What happens when the higher dose is no longer effective for you?

    And, if you do go off Celexa, give yourself a LOT of time to taper.

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    Hi everyone I am new here and i am really glad i found a site i can talk to others who feel like i do. I have been sick for the last nine years I have been ran through every test possible, When finaly i had enough of the pain i went to see my family doctor and they started me on 30mg of Cymbalta I am now up to the max of 60mg along with 500mg of naporsin twice a day. I dont have any problems with the Cymbalta now the depro I get every three months for pelvic pain that makes you gain wieght LOL but at least I now have a few good days instead of all bad ones where i can't do much. And having three children all under the age of 16 I have to be able to move around LOL.

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    celexa is good for me i am up to 60 mg on it and doing well it helps do much with not only my depression but with my anxiety also. i had tried cymbalta but it gave me heart palpatations. which is not good for anyone.lol
    hope you find a good med soon.

    take care,