Celexa vs Lexapro?any tried both?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Applyn59, May 22, 2003.

  1. Applyn59

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    I tried Celexa last year and it made me quite anxious.
    I only started with one quarter of the pill. I really
    liked how it made me energetic, but the anxiety bothered me and I didn't follow through with getting
    to a higher dosage. It made my hands and feet tingle.
    So does Wellbutrin. I am currently on Zoloft, which
    I really don't think does all that much.

    Has anyone had the same experience with Celexa and tried Lexapro instead. I would like to know if that would
    help me more. I have no energy at all - nada!
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    Can't answer your question, but your post was on the second page, so this is really a bump for you!

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Applyn59

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  4. namow

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    I have tried celexa and lexapro, to tell you the truth I haven't seen any big difference betweent the two of them. Some people think that lexapro is wonderful but it hasn't been my experience. Of course I haven't had any luck with any AD so maybe you should wait for more answers.
    Good luck and let me know please!

  5. JannyW

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    I have also tried both of these meds ... the Lexapro worked a little better for me, but neither of them helped with anxiety. The Lexapro does have fewer side effects, so it's got that goin' for it.

    Jan ^v^
  6. layinglow

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    I cannot help you with the Celexa, I have read that those who have probs with Celexa can take Lexapro, and have good results.

    I have been on Lexapro for almost 4 months now. I resisted AD's until I was finally at wits end, and had to quit denying that I needed help. The lexapro was wonderful, and within days I was feeling so much better!

    I will be calling my Doc after the long weekend, as I believe I have developed a tolerance after this time, as I am having depression/irritability--the last week or two, and would like to try 20mg instead of the 10mg, I am currently taking per day.

    Best wishes, LL
    BTW--I do take Klonopin for myclonic jerking, and anxiety, so you might take that into consideration.
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  7. MtnDews

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    I'm taking Lexapro now, but I don't see anything new or good with it. Energy? None...taking Adderall just to stay awake during the day.
  8. JannyW

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    if I remember correctly, you should increase Lexapro by 5mg (so you'd be on 15mg) for the first week, then go up to 20mg. Glad you've done so well with it ... I felt better on it, but as I said, it didn't control the anxiety attacks.

    Jan ^v^
  9. SheriAL

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    lynn, I am searching too for the right antideppresant for anxiety, teeth grinding , panic and also depression...
    I am currently on 3 mg of paxil at night with one half of l mg of klonopin..not the generic form of it...but the brand name is better to me.. I have multiple chemical sensitivity and I noticed in your post that you used such a small part of a tablet of celexa ..so you have drug sensitivity like myself and many others with fibro and cfids..which is called mcs..illness.
    I could not take a ssri like prozac, paxil , celexa without the calming effect of klonopin with it at night...
    They even each other out..I once took the small amount of klonopin at bedtime, but it does depress some people ,and they have to have an antideppresant with it..I do!!!
    So if you try the lexapro in small dosage, then ask to try the name brand klonopin ..say start with one fourth of lmg, split it up...and take it at night...alone or with your lexapro... THen if you have to have more klonopin do so, but just like me we do not want to have to keep going up on those meds...I need to but just scared to do it..
    Hope you find the answer for you, if you do, please let me know too...Sheri in Alabama
  10. Applyn59

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    Thanks for your responses. The celexa and wellbutrin
    gave me anxiety, I wasn't taking them for anxiety.
    However, now I think I need one for anxiety! LOL

    Seriously, prior to my FMS diagnosis, I was given
    prozac for severe PMS by a very conservative dr,
    I might add. I was very miserable the first week on
    it but after that it did wonders for me. I was on 20 mg
    and started at that dose ( I shudder at that thought
    right now). It helped me immensely with the PMS.
    I then hurt my back and had failed back surgery and lots of pain. The neurologist upped my Prozac to help
    with pain. I was on it for about five years when
    I developed severe hives from it. I had back
    surgery in 91, started prozac around that time,
    and was diagnosed with FMS in 94. Probably had it earlier.

    I have tried effexor, wellbutrin, zoloft, serzone, celexa.
    I either could not tolerate them or they didn't help me.
    One dr. told me he thought serzone was the best
    for FMS. I have since read of liver damage from it.

    I really need an antidepressant for energy and to help
    with depression. I have also developed anxiety as of the
    past few years. I was thinking I would like to try Paxil.
    I have bad IBS and heard Paxil is good for that, too.
    I definitely have multiple chemical sensitivity. I am allergic to everything under the sun from hair spray
    to rubber. I once returned shoes because the soles
    made me sick!

    I have tried Klonipin. I asked the girl on phone to make
    sure it was brand name when she asked the dr. Instead, she told me that she takes the generic and it isn't true about the brand name. She had no right
    to take that upon herself. I took it for a few months
    but don't anymore. My dr. prefers that I don't I think.
    I take xanax at night. He doesn't like xanax either
    but I tell him that I need it for muscle spasms, which
    is true.

    One Fms Specialist that I saw said it's hard to give antidepressants that are uppers to me and others
    who have rapid heartbeats. The prozac didn't make
    me anxious though so I am thinking maybe the FMS
    is doing this to me about sensitivity with the pills.
    I was taking xanax with the celexa because I couldn't
    bare the way it made me feel without it.

    It is so difficult finding the right combo of drugs, especially antidepressants. What effects some,
    doesn't do anything to others. I thought zoloft
    was the easiest antidepressant to get used it.
    It didn't feel like I was taking anything. I don't
    think I am getting much from it either. I am afraid
    to be without an antidepressant. I feel like I would
    be very suicidal without it.

    Good luck to you and if you find something good let
    me know, too!

    Take Care,