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    My husband has been taking celexa for thirty days, one pill a day. Because he works and it makes him sleepy, the dr. cut him back to half a pill. Big mistake.He is beginning to get out of control again.

    Refuses to go back to the dr. He is destructive around me, but appears normal in public. What kind of personality am I dealing with here.

    I have never in my life seen or dealt with anything or one like this before.

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    I hope that you have called your husband's doctor and reported what has happened and asked for suggestions and help from that doctor. If your husband refuses to get help and continues to be destructive around you to a level that places you or him in danger, call 911 and have him removed and taken to the hospital. Never allow yourself to be placed in danger.

    His doctor may/may not speak with you completely about his condition due to HIPPA laws and whether your husband previously gave written permission to provide you with his medical info. When my Mom was going into violent dementia and whatever else, she would not allow her doctors to speak to me about her medical conditions and they could not under HIPPA laws, even though she lived in my home and was being horrible to me.

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. take care and best wishes.
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    Relay that he disappears often and for 4-5 days to his doctor. Also, seriously consider whether you want to have sex with him (should your husband want to) knowing that he disappears for extended times and you have no idea what he is doing, whether he is in some type of mania and very sexual (without protection) during that time. It could place you at risk for STDs or HIV/AIDS.

    It also might be an idea if you were to see a therapist to get an idea of what is going on, a discussion of what you might want to do during this time so you are not living on this crazy merrry-go-round that your husband is on, and transition towards how you want to live your life normally. Your husband may even have bipolar and not everyone who has bipolar wants to be treated for it. Good luck and I wish you the best.
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    Thanks, and I am looking out for myself. We are living together, but , separate. When he gets lost for those days it is like the best peace. I know this may sound cruel, but it is the truth.

    I've finally realized I can't help him because he does not want help. It is so sad.

    I have considered seeing a therapist. how did I not see this in him for so long?
    The merry-go-round has stopped, I'm in the process of getting off.

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    If you are at a point where you want off the merry go round, and that means divorce, I would suggest a consultation with a divorce attorney. No matter what, you should already be starting a journal that details dates and times of your husband's strange behaviors including his disappearing acts.

    If you are not seeking divorce, remember that people with mental health ailments can be unpredictable and find new mates and suddenly want divorce. You being prepared ahead of time is a good thing.

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    I take celexa too--but at night because it makes me drowsy too.
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    I take the liquid generic celexa in the morning and I get no side effects. If the dose is too high, THEN I get migraines.

    The liquid form allows the doctor and I to micro manage the dosage much better than the pill form (and i measure with a syringe minus the needle) and so I get better results from the liquid. I never knew the liquid form existed until the doctor prescribed it.
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    I have a friend whose son has the same issues as my husband. she told me to never let my guards down and not to trust him. Boy was she right on the money. He is so devious, even if he stayed on the medication, I could never trust him again.

    I have been really listening to our conversations and have come the conclusion that he really likes no one but himself. After all these years I am just seeing this. Now I know why he hates me, I know his secret.

    He is trying to show a nicer and kinder side, but i don't buy it for a minute. Been there done that.

    Will keep everyone posted.

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    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I hadn't seen you add to this post and I had hope that maybe your husband was doing so much better and that as a result, life for you had turned better too.

    No matter what he says to you in anger or in calm, remember to repeatedly tell yourself that you are a good and caring person, you are worth love, affection and kindness and you are going to live your life to the fullest regardless of your husband. Do things you enjoy and visit museums or other places to take you "away to other places." We'll all here for you. Many hugs.
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    Thanks for the support and caring. That goes to everyone on this board. I am doing things and is finally beginning to enjoy life again. A little at the time, but , I'm gettintg there.

    Hatred is a bad feeling and that is what I'm beginning to feel towards him. Even though I know he has no control over this illness, except to get and accept the help that is available to him. Which at this point he thinks he is above it.

    It feels good to have people to communicate with at a time like this. Sometimes I feel guilty for not caring anymore, which is hard to shake sometimes.

    As soon as the storm lets up, I'm going to dinner. Love to all.