Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shari442, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. shari442

    shari442 New Member

    Is anyone familar with the drug...celexa? It is supposed to be similar to prozac. I took prozac and didn't like the sexual side effects. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there are strong sexual side effects with celexa?

  2. Godslove

    Godslove New Member

    I took Celexa for about a year and yes it does have sexual side effects (at least for me). Emotionally I felt pretty good while taking it but the side effects I could do without.

    Along with the lack of sexual desire (or capability) I had trouble urinating and it made me feel "not there". But I have had these same side effects with EVERY ssri or anti-depressant I have ever taken. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else has had better results than I have.

    Blessings, Wanda
  3. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    Everyone is different but I thought Celexa was supposed to be a more improved drug over Prozac. I've been on Celexa for about 2 months now and don't have any major side effects. Of course that may change when I've been on it longer. I do notice a bit of urination hesitation but if I drink my 10-12 glasses a day I'm fine. I can't say the sexual thing is any different since mine hasn't been all that good anyway due to perimenopause. It's just great that I'm not crying every day and I seem to find it easier to talk to people than before. I'm hoping that it keeps up. I know they say long term use is not good for your brain so I'm hoping that once my pain level is more under control, I won't need them as much and can go off of them.

    Good luck in finding something that helps.
  4. queenlily18

    queenlily18 New Member

    i was on celexa for almost 2 years. i was going pretty good. i slept well didnt hurt as much as without it. but sexual side effects were not the best. didn have much of a desire when on it. now taking effecor. its about the same. but forwarned, when it stops working for u, it really stops working!
  5. southstars_tat2s

    southstars_tat2s New Member

    I'm taking 20 mg Celexa a day(along w/ alot of other meds) and I have not had sexual relations with my husband in 2 years...I just have absolutely no sexual desire. But I attributed it to a mix of all the meds together.As far as making the depression better..it helps..UNLESS something triggers an eppisode..then I can't feel it helping much.
  6. charlie47

    charlie47 New Member

    Hi shari442, I been on celexa for several yrs now. I don't have any problems with it. I take 40mg every day, I can tell when I have stopped taking it for a few days, but I take alot of other meds on top of that. I could not take prozac, I have no problem with celexa. Good luck to you.
  7. lucky

    lucky New Member

    Over a period of almost 15 yrs., I have almost tried any antidepressant (old or new) which are on the market and had severe side effects with each one of them until I hit on Celexa. It has the least side effects, helps me battling the fatigue (I have CFS and FMS) and reduces my pain greatly.
    But with any med, it is trial and error and how we react to it.
    Take care, Lucky
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