Celiac Disease-are there blood tests?

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  1. jane32

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    I have another appt. with the FFC next week and I would like to be tested for this. The nurse does not think there are specific tests but I thought there were certain blood tests. Please post if you know of any. I have had an endoscopy and colonscopy before with no abnormalities. I also had a sensitivity test done and wheat is fine for me.
  2. patches25

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    EnteroLab has very good testing. Look at their website for lots of info. They test for genes and it is just a swab of the cheek and mailed to them. The cells are tested for the genes that people carry that have celiac. E.
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    me again. on my post about ayurveda,autoimmune deseases i added two more post, one about celiac. the testing is xactly given in this article.
    by karina
  4. jane32

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    I will look at that. I really need to get a binder and print out these posts and add them to it. There is so much great information and I always forget to go back and check on past posts.

    HAPPYDOGSUZ7777 New Member

    I had a celiac blood panel test done and was positive.
    One thing to note... DON'T STOP eating wheat or gluten products before test or you will get a false negative in fact eat more than usual leading up to the test.
  6. KelB

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    I had a biopsy for Celiac during my endoscopy. Came back negative.
  7. jane32

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    He took a sample of my tissue b/c of my bad reflux but would he have checked for Celiac? Do you think he would have that info or you have to ask for it beforehand?
  8. razorqueen

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    celiac disease when she was being tested for Crohn's. They would need to do a biobsy from your intestines (colonoscopy), not endoscopy to see it you had celiac, at least to my knowledge.
  9. KelB

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    Thanks. I had a gastroscopy & colonoscopy on the same hospital stay (never again!), so that explains how they managed my Celiac biopsy then. Sure the doc told me he'd done it during the gastro, but there ya go.

    jane32 - You could go and ask for someone to check back through your medical records, to see if the biopsy was done at the time of your scopes?
  10. Pianowoman

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    The definitive test for Celiac is a small bowel biopsy. Many people will just avoid gluten and if that works, nothing else is done. There are degrees of severity, however and if problems persist,more will need to be done.