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    I have seen chats here about the product Cell Food. I have been taking this supplement for a least a year and have discovered an interesting fact. I am allergic to MSG (monosodium glutamate), and came across a website lately that lists all additives that are MSG in disguise. Glutamic acid, a non-essential amino acid, IS msg! I got to looking at the ingredients of cell food, cuz someone told me once they couldnt tolerate it. I havent noticed anything good or bad, but I think now I will not use it anymore. I am also wondering about all the metabolic enzymes in the product as well and question the necessity of all those.....anyway, just thought I'd share this info..

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    Hi Donna,

    What brand are you using? I've been using the brand by Nu-Science for about 3 years now and have had very good results.

  3. dancingnut

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    Yes, Cell Food is made by Nu Health. You may be okay with it. I happen to have a severe allergy to MSG and the site I found was saying that msg can cause fibro symptoms (pain, stiff joints) due to allergy and some people who have avoided all msg related products do better. Personally I have not noticed feeling any better on this product.

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    bumping for more responses on cellfood
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    I have a friend that went and bought Cell Food from the
    health store and she claims it gave her incredible energy.
    Before I run out and get some, I would like to hear more
    reviews on this product. Any comments?

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    I tried cellfood a few years ago but it did nothing for me. It took getting my coagulopathy, inflammation etc down to start benefitting from quite a few things though so it might just have been bad timing.

    Many with these DDs have problems with MSG. I started burbur recently, it helps detox and caused a lot of diarrhea, so I stopped it for a while just to let things settle down a bit. I had an unopened bottle of glutamine, I have had leaky gut, so felt adding this might help prevent that being set off again. Having already made some improvements it didn't take long to recognise glutamine is not suitable for me; a while ago I would not have been so sure.

    Many with these DDs have problems with histamine levels, high and low, but either way these can contribute to symptoms from foods that raise histamine levels. MSG can raise histamine levels.

    The following extract is from a web site on enzymes, autism, leaky gut, + +.

    ***......are high in amines/histamine. There are also foods that trigger a histamine reaction. This means that they directly cause a release of histamine - in some people, this includes the natural salicylates or other common additives:

    Egg, strawberries, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, citrus, pineapple, pork, soy, benzoates, sulfites, nitrates, BHA, BHT, food colors, MSG.***

    This might provide a clue for some who have problems with MSG and the foods above. Reactions to these foods can mimic food allergies, but there are often negative results when IgE testing is used.

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