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    Does Klutzo, or anyone know whether this is a good product for increasing your Natural Killer Cells? I think someone recommended this to me, in the past, but don't remember whether it is effective...
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    I posted this question here awhile back and didn't
    get much response. Just one from someone who
    had just started on it.

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    but he, also, had me on I.V.s for Vitamins, that never did help me much..I wondered if there were any CFS/FM people who had benefited from the above..

    Thanks for responding...though..

    Do you know whether the Nattokinase is effective, or not? It is an alternative for Heparin..but some have felt that messing with the blood thinning component of the blood vessels should only be done by physicians..but the problem is I don't have a physician who is knowledgable about the Hypercoagulation problem and I don't know is she wants to learn, either..

    I am on Vitamin E, digestive enzymes and I think Evening Primrose helps in that area, too..and I really don't think that is my major problem..Adrenals, Syndrome X, and Hormonal Balance are my next major areas to solve..

    Sorry, I am just rambling, tonight..Is the hottub helping you? I need to get mine cleaned, well, before I go back in..There was a bacterial problem brought up a long time, ago, if it is not cleaned/chemicals balanced..
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    Hi Plantscaper,

    Someone on another board asked David Berg
    of Hemex about supplements drs are using
    to reduce fibrin, includingt Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase and Nattokinase.

    The person wanted to know if they could be
    replacements for heparin.

    Berg's response:

    increase fibrinolysis. When you disolve fibrin, you may release both dead and
    active pathogens. The active pathogens can reactivate the coagulation side and
    the HEPARIN stops that part . These therapies do not replace heparin.
    Companies who claim that they replace heparin so NOT understand coagulation.
    Sincerely, David Berg

    I posted this separately too for others to see who
    may be interested.

    I don't think I would want to mess around with
    anything until I was tested.

    I spent most of this afternoon in my neighbor's
    hot tub. After about 1 hour, I was nauseated
    and shaky. I got out for a little bit and turned
    the heater down. It was set at 102 and I was
    in the sun, which can make me sick. I then put
    her huge new umbrulla up over the hot tub and
    the water went down after awhile to 97. That
    was cool and refreshing. I usually like the water
    to be warmer but I was dying in there! I also
    couldn't eat before going in so I was hungry.
    I hate going in with no food in me but I have
    bad IBS and can't chance it. I need to talk to
    my dr and set up a GI consult.

    What chemicals do you use in your hot tub?
    My neighbor used to use chlorine and I could
    smell it but not too bad. I did come out itching like
    crazy though. This year she has switched to the
    bromine and it is so much better. No itchies for
    me. I do smell clay though, but it's not too bad.
    I was getting allergic but I think it's the outdoor
    stuff, her plants, flowers, etc.

    Also, do you find the hot tub helps your pain?
    It doesn't help my pain at all. In fact, sometimes
    I think it makes it worse. However, I simply
    do not care because I LOVE being IN the hot tub
    and it makes me happy and improves my sleep
    habits and mood. For me, it is worth it.
    Just wondering your experience.


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    Given new banning of people, not sure, if should talk about above on this board..It is my understanding that one can refer to names of products, give words to get to websites, but not give URLS of websites..I don't know if the subject of other message boards has come up..Will leave message over there for you...

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