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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    For those with cell phones .... do you receive unwanted calls, over and over and over?

    You don't have to answer that question. But if you do receive those calls, you know it's ANNOYING.

    This morning, I left my phone in the living room. I was in the kitchen. I was waiting on a call.

    I almost broke my (fill in the blank) to get to the phone in time .......... Only to find it was a "312" area code (chicago). Most likely a spammer.

    I called the number (i know that's a no-no), to be connected to a "we're not here" recording. Arrrrrrrgggghh.

    Do y'all go through this?? The cell phones (Kevin and mine) are in my name, but I'm the one who gets the tons of spam calls. I usually keep my cell phone on MUTE. What fun is that for having a cell phone?

    I called my cell phone provider TODAY, only to be told, after 31 minutes of talking, that ... nothing they can do. They do not offer BLOCKING NUMBERS.

    Sometimes I look up these numbers on the internet -- mostly people calling to harass (bill collectors), or wanting to sell (home security systems), etc. Now the latest .... pay off your student loans.

    What do you do about these calls? Do you have CALL NUMBER BLOCKING?

    I'm curious. My cell phone used to be "safe". Now it's a hindrance. I keep it on MUTE all the time.

    NOW I'M LAUGHING. I just got a message from my cell provider, saying to register with the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. What a hoot! Both Kevin and I registered ALL OUR PHONE NUMBERS with the Do Not Call, and keep registering to keep our records up to date.

    What can I say? I answer calls, if I know the number. If not I hope it's friends or family, or Kevin, who WILL leave a message.

    Thanks for listening to my RANT. Any advice, or how to get rid of these callers, would be appreciated.

    Hugs, Diane
  2. sunflowergirl

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    yes it is highly annoying. I don't give my cell # out to anyone other than my kids BUT I get a ton of them on my house phone. The machine picks it up so I can screen. Usually I find it's a company that has bought my # from when I was looking for a handyman......about 2 years ago......or they are trying to sell solar energy. I'm in California but I get calls from everywhere around the country. I read recently that some are just automated and if you answer they know there's someone at the # then a person can bug you.
  3. bct

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    Wish I could help, Diane, but I can't. I don't use a cell-phone. R has one to call from town on, otherwise we have a landline. If the phone rings, I don't feel compelled to answer it -- if it's important I figure a message will be left. I was getting too many calls saying I was being prosecuted for tax evasion, etc. --- all scammers. Or from someone who said my computer was malfunctioning. I just told them I don't have a computer. :p
  4. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    So, Sun, you know exactly what I'm going through.

    My problem is ...... I don't give my cell number to anyone, except health care providers. Can health care providers be selling my number????

    Our home number gets the most calls -- from spammers to politicians. But my cell gets at least 10-20 calls per day. I'm surprised == and I will name the carrier === AT&T ............... would allow NO BLOCKING OF NUMBERS. And I mean the SPAMMER NUMBERS. They told me that I can't have access to that feature, because of the age (2 years) of my cell phone.

    Barry, as of right now, Kevin should be in CUSTODY for some sort of TAX EVASION. We did get a call from (Seattle?, maybe) on our landline, stating that he would be in custody unless fees would be paid!


    I want the world back, the world when I was I child. Where things were safe. We could ride our bikes outside, play frisbee or other outdoor games. Nighttime was not a time to be scared. Maybe of flying bats, or pincher bugs.

    Remember....... when the world was easier to navigate (for lack of a better word)?

    I miss those days.

    Thank you for your replies!

    Love, Diane
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  5. kswebb

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    Hi Diane! Do you have a Smart Phone? Or a flip phone? We have AT&T cell service and my phone is more than two years old and I can block numbers and I do it often. My husband has a flip phone also with AT&T and he can't block calls. If you answer the calls they will call more so if you see number you don't recognize let it go and if you have voice mail on your phone they will leave one if important. At home, on our landline I get, many more calls and I also have AT&T there. I go on-line to AT&T and can block up to 20 numbers, plus you can forward up to 20 more numbers. So I did this fun thing.......after I had blocked 20 calls and more still come in I took one of the BLOCKED numbers to use as my forward number. So basically I am forwarding one SPAM call to another SPAM line! I laugh every time I do that :) I have filled both the block and forward options so now I have to remove one to add one. But I play that game!

    Now at work - it is even more of a headache!!! We have VOIP phone service (basically lines over the internet opposed to traditional phone lines). I NEVER answer the number at the office unless I know who it is. All calls coming to our company main number and my extension come to my phone at the office. 99% of the time the calls are SPAM. I can't block with the VOIP service, but I google all the numbers I get and confirm they are SPAM. We have an employee that is having serious financial problems and the bill collectors call all day long. They even leave voice mails for him on the General Voice mail box and I forward them to him. It is a sad situation for sure.

    I agree with you I long for the simpler days of my youth...............I have learned to turn myself off from all the garbage OR I would go literally nuts!!

    Sorry I don't have any answers for you. I also thing the Do Not Call Registry is a bunch of bull. Maybe worked at one time but too out of control for that now.

    You're not alone in this frustration - misery loves company, right?

    XO ~

  6. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Kelly!

    I have flip phone. Hubby has a "smart phone."

    I was told that my phone could not block numbers. My question: What does it have to do with the phone. Wouldn't it be more like ------ the SERVICE?

    I went back and read what you wrote. AT&T said it wouldn't work.

    May I ask how you go online to ATT? When you can block numbers???? You can Private Message me at Prohealth -- confusedinPA.

    The reps/techs I talked to today, had no idea........................... How to stop the spammers.

    Any and ALL help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane- Wish I could help you. Yes, I have had the same problem. However, I have. a smart phone and they can block any numbers that keep bothering you. Don't know where they get my number. I don't give. it out to many, mostly family and doc's. . Yes, what happened to the no call list?? Hope your spammers quit calling.

    Hugz to you ,
  8. Billoy Joe

    Billoy Joe Member

    Yeah, I face that problem and most of the time receive unwanted calls from someone whom I don't know actually. What's the better way to stop those unwanted calls?
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Billoy

    Do you have a number where you live that you call and have your name put
    on the 'no-call' list? I put my number on the list a few years ago. Still
    get some calls now and then. In theory if you say, "Please take my name
    off your list," the telemarketers are supposed to do it.

    I got one a couple days ago. Some gal asked, "Can you hear me?" When
    I said yes, she played a recorded message. I just hung up.

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Diane,

    Go online and register your numbers with the 'Do Not Call' list. Even if you have done it in the past, you have to renew it from time to time. I am getting these calls too and need to go reregister. Not all calls are controlled by the list. Watch out for text messages on smart phones. If you open them, they can contain apps which take over your cell phone. I know this is scary but, in today's hacker world, it's necessary to protect ourselves.

    I don't answer any calls I don't recognize. I figure it it's important, they can leave a message. I know it's annoying.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Billoy Joe

    Billoy Joe Member

    Yeah @rockgor I lost that number may be I deleted. If comes again I will let you know.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Billoy Joe, you lost the number to call to get on the "No Call" list? I'd
    tell you if I knew. I looked on the net. There are numerous sites.
    Some of them offer "counseling". So maybe they charge you or infect
    your computer with a virus. Going to new sites can be dangerous. I
    had to take this computer to a repair shop a few years ago to get
    rid of a virus I got from a new site.

    Even that is risky because the folks at the repair shop may take
    data such as bank or social security numbers.

    I wonder if Springwater would know. She lives in Nepal which
    appears to be one of your neighbors. Good luck

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just go online and look up, 'do not call list.'

    Love, Mikie
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