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    Hi. 1. coffe scrub Why It Works: Most pricey cellulite treatments use caffeine to promote circulation, deep-cleanse pores and act as a diuretic by removing excess water from your dermis. Our version uses the same stimulators but with ingredients usually reserved for your morning cup of joe.
    You'll Need:
    - 1 cup fresh-ground coffee
    - 1/2 cup brown sugar
    - 1/2 cup salt
    - 1/2 cup coconut oil
    Mix all the ingredients. Massage into areas for five minutes in a circular motion.
    Rinse when finished. Repeat three to five times per week
    2. Do exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.
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    Hi,,,most important thing is to eat naturally..without medicines, chemicals, "starving" your self etc.

    first, it would be best for you to eat as healthy as possible..this will also help you considerably to lose weight gradually and naturally..

    eat fresh fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of WATER..avoid all cokes, caffeines, smoking, alchohol etc. as these also add weight as well as they contain chemicals which disturb your natural bio rythmns as well as brain chemistry. try not to eat too much meat, and the meat you should eat should be "lean meat" such as steamed chicken and rice, or steamed fish with rice..and vegetables,, this should be your staple diet rice and vegetables with fruits..

    AVOID "JUNK FOOD" and "Fast Food" as this type of food is very unhealthy, lacking in vitamins really and has plenty of fattening molecules which make one gain weight and is not good .

    if you snack,, try fruits with yogurt or fruit yogurt and nuts.. nuts are very healthy for your body .and contain proteins.

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